Video Review: Chaka Khan “Through The Fire”

Chaka Khan walks in the lobby of the Los Angeles Union Station. She leans against the wall as some people head towards their cars in the parking lot. In the waiting area, a sixtysomething woman rubs her seventysomething husband’s hand while they talk.

Near the exit, couples walk hand-in-hand out of the buildings to the parking lot. She passes by a couple arguing by column. People eat at Traxx while she walks in the middle of the aisle. She basks in the light from the street lamp shining through the window. Some couples kiss as she passes by them. However, a thirtysomething woman points at her husband. A young man is shoved is by his friend. A twentysomething man wearing glasses stares at the floor.

She continues to bask in the light from the window.

Rating: 3/5

Chaka Khan had some time to waste before her train left. She opted for the red eye. She wanted to fall asleep during the ride and forget she was returning to her home to her soon-to-be ex-husband. She sobbed to them, saying she couldn’t pretend anymore. At some point, he had become an entitled and bitter man who lacked a moral compass. He bullied his manager into giving him a promotion and spied on the employees in his department for the smallest slights. At home, he waved away her success of potty training their son, saying she was simply a parent doing her job. She summarized what happened on her favorite soap and he rolled his eyes, saying he saw some dust on the counter. “If you put as much focus as you did on the shows, this house wouldn’t be so dirty.”

She asked her parents if they were disappointed in her. They put their hands over hers and told her she did the best she could. It wasn’t her fault. She needed to do what was necessary for himself. They said she’s welcome to move back home for a while until she’s able to find a job.

At the station, she sees couples perusing the bike hub, talking close to one another as they unlatch the chains of the bicycles and take off. She overhears a couple fight about their spending on their trip and watches a lifelong friendship between two teenagers end in a shoving match. She realizes she’s not the only one struggling to figure things out. However, most days, it seems as though everyone is leading the a charmed life while she wonders why she isn’t happy.


Director: N/A Year: 1985


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