Video Review: David Guetta & Sia “Flames”

The Master (Danny Trejo) stands by, his hands folded, as he watches the first Flame (Erin Wu) chop wood. The Master places another board on the stand and puts his hand on it. It cuts in half. The second Flame (Lauren Mary Kim) stands on her head, balancing two buckets of water in the air. She falls over. The third Flame (Courtney Chen) tries to kill an insect with her chopstick. She hands the chopstick to him and he nails the insect to the tree. Several kidnappers walk through the forest. In a split screen, the three Flames continue to practice to honing their skills.

The kidnappers approach them and the Flames maintain their composure. In a split screen, the Flames fight back. However, the kidnappers cross their swords across their bodies. They surround the Master. Wu cries, shaking her head. The Master raises his arms and the kidnappers strike him in his sides. Wu gasps as the Master’s limp body falls to the ground.

The kidnappers tie them up and walk them in a straight line to the Emperor’s temple. The Emperor (David Guetta) smirks as he sees them standing by the balcony in handcuffs. The Flames close their eyes and concentrate. The handcuffs slip off their wrists and they punch their kidnappers in the face. The Emperor instructs the kidnappers to slit their throats. The third Flame shouts as she scales the balcony and fights back in the garden below. She twists the neck of one of the kidnappers. The first Flame grabs two ends of the swords from the kidnappers. The Flames turn toward the Emperor. He opens his hands and knocks them to the ground with bursts of fire.

They lie on the grass and see their Master as an angel in the sky. He tells them they are able to defeat the Emperor. They regroup and attack him from all sides. They grab his arms and move his burning hands to his crotch. He winces from the pain and turns into ash. The Flames nod to one another, smiling. The Master beams from heaven.

Rating: 4/5

The Master believed in his three Flames. They were like daughters to him. While he trained them, he hoped they developed a fearlessness inside of them. They were uncertain of their talent and needed to know they had the strength within them to endure life’s battles.

During one of their trainings, the Flames had use the techniques and skill to use as kidnappers invaded the property. They had watched their leader die. The first Flame took it hard, unable to disguise her grief as he sacrificed his life for theirs. On their way to the Emperor’s temple, they knew they let their Master down. They weren’t able to protect him.

However, the Emperor’s indulgent pleasure in their pain stoked ache inside them. They had to avenge their Master’s death. They freed themselves from the handcuffed and fought back. Although they won, the Emperor wasn’t going to concede. He pulled out his main weapons – his fiery hands and turned a single ball towards them.

Groaning in the grass, they wanted to surrender. However, their Master appeared as an angel and guided them. Knowing he had forgiven them, the Flames had a renewed strength and were able to defeat the Emperor. They smiled at one another, realizing they had become who their Master wanted them to be: strong and confident.

Director: Lior Molcho Year: 2018


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