Video Review: Halsey, Big Sean & Stefflon Don “Alone”

Halsey, wearing a glittering nude bodysuit, walks down an alley at around 10 p.m. to the Kingdom Theatre. She shows the guard her invitation and goes inside.

While standing on the staircase, she puts a matching glittering veil over her eyes and applies some lipstick. A young woman takes a photo of her. On the dance floor, people twirl their parasols and toast to themselves.  She passes by the drummer and cellist. Behind a group of men, a young woman twirls a clear baton.

She turns around, looking to the balcony. There, her boyfriend stands, gazing back at her. She removes her veil and sees a young woman putting her hands on his stomach. He kisses her and they walk together to his bedroom. Her head spinning, she races to a fountain and vomits. Big Sean comforts her and tells her she’ll be okay. She explains the situation to him.

Back on the dancefloor, a server carries a tray of Kandypens. A woman inhales the vapor from the Kandypen and exhales it in her lover’s mouth. She sees Stefflon Don, wearing a feathered red dress, by some candle-lit windows. They exchange knowing glances.

As she walks,on the second floor sparks fly behind the wall. She loosens the feather attached to the door and leaves a note for her boyfriend. on the table. He opens the door and reads the note. He fingers the token in his hand and walks onto the dancefloor, watching as she dances by the staircase while golden confetti falls onto her.

Rating: 5/5

The last couple of months have been hell for Halsey. She was excommunicated from the city after defending her boyfriend and hid with a few kind strangers while on the run. After surviving in a few tents, she had to leave. The strangers were afraid for her and she was putting her friends at risk. She has stolen and murdered to get back home. However, it was for nothing. Her boyfriend has found someone else.

However, his new girlfriend seems to be an identical replacement for her. With her dyed teal hair, the young woman almost wants to be her. She wonders if it was at her boyfriend’s request. Perhaps he hasn’t forgotten. Tucked in her bodysuit, is a note with her initial and a token. He will know the meaning of it. She places it on the table and leaves.

He rushes to the door once he hears the feather and looks on the table. Reading the note and feeling the symbol, his love for her swells inside him. He has missed her so much. Coming back to the city was a risk. He has seen her wanted posters throughout the state and seen the news reports on the murders. She became a criminal to save him. He wants to thank her. On the dancefloor, he sees her as the woman she used to be: free and spontaneous.


Directors: Hannah Lux Davis & Halsey Year: 2018

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