Video Review: Marc Anthony “You Sang To Me”

Marc Anthony stands by counter during the opening of his art gallery. He takes a glass of champagne from the tray and talks to one of his longtime friends from college. A friend asks for the inspiration behind the painting and he explains it.

Inside his apartment in New York City, he works on his latest painting. His girlfriend (Kristy Hinze), dips her brush into the paint and blends the colors onto the canvas. They walk in the chilly autumn air to grab something to eat. They pass a homeless man. A young woman recognizes him and he walks away from her. She waits for him by the corner.

Back at the apartment, he asks her opinion on his progress so far. He hugs her from behind.

He sings alone in the apartment.

The homeless man pushes his shopping cart on the sidewalk. Anthony kisses her by the window and a painting lands on the ground. The homeless man picks it up and adds to his stuff. A work-in-progress of a bridge is on the canvas.

Anthony stands on the bridge. He and his girlfriend ice skate. They get into a snowball fight and he kisses her as he helps her get up. Back at the apartment, they cuddle on the couch.

They walk arm-in-arm on the sidewalk, passing by a store which had commissioned one of their paintings, to a restaurant near the Brooklyn Bridge. He lets her drink some of his champagne. The server takes a soiled dish from the table. He beckons the musician to come to the table and then opens the jewelry box. She puts her hand to her mouth and starts to cry. She runs off and he chases her.

At night, he stands by himself on the Brooklyn Bridge.

He stares at the painting. Someone taps his shoulder and he turns to see it’s his girlfriend. They kiss. The homeless man watches through the window.

Rating: 4/5

Marc Anthony stands in his apartment, brush in hand, unable to paint on the blank canvas. A photo of her girlfriend is beside him. He can’t paint her yet. It’s too final. She was his muse. Without her, his strokes are undefined and jagged. He sets the brush down and sits on the couch. He glances to the side where an unfinished sculpture stands. A business commissioned two months ago and it’s supposed to be done within a few weeks. However, he is drained of any inspiration.

She said no to his marriage proposal. It was unexpected. They were making plans to open a gallery together. She was the one who encouraged him to find a space. Their work deserved to be seen. She created a website selling their paintings and spoke to customers on social media. However, it cut into her painting time and she asked him to share of the some of the duties. He said he couldn’t. There were several deadlines he had to meet. She nodded and returned to her incomplete painting.

She began to excuse herself and say she was going to work in the cafe. He said ok and didn’t think anything of it. However, she was trying to get away from him. The marriage proposal, to her, must’ve been a way to stop her from competing with him. He sighs and stares at the ceiling. His gallery opening was in a few days and he wanted to skip it altogether.

At the gallery opening, he thanked everyone from coming and sold several pieces. He gave credit to his girlfriend, saying she was the one who suggested the final touches. In his speech, he said it wouldn’t have happened without her tireless work on the website, promoting their work night and day. After the speech, he hung out by the appetizers, thinking he would never see her again.

A quick tap on the shoulder proved him wrong. Walking in a corner to talk in private, she congratulated him and apologized. He put his finger on her lips and told her it was all his fault. Her work should be on display along with his. He adds that they will work on a schedule and she can teach him how to work the website. It’s his turn to fulfill orders. She grins and says her answer is yes, if he still wants to get married. He smiles and hugs her.

Director: Jeff Richter Year: 2000


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