Video Review: Cardi B & 21 Savage “Bartier Cardi”

A young woman, wearing a tight lavender skirt and high heels, cleans the pool with a net. She soaks up money in the net. A second young woman, wearing glasses, puts her finger in some chicken salad as she and her female co-worker count money and insert it in a counting machine. On television, Cardi B performs.

Against a silver metallic curtain, she runs her hands over her body in a red bra and red fur coat.

A third young woman, listening to music on her headphones while she sits on a bed, hands over some money to her female co-worker. A fourth young woman strokes her leg as she takes a bubble bath while the second young woman continues to count. The television is on in the background.

Lit in Parisian blue, shirtless men in their underwear with Cardi tattooed on the back of their necks stand with their hands folded. They watch on the small television and repeat her name in the locker room.

In an olive-green fur coat, she sits on the hood of a Lyft driver’s car and wipes some of the rain off the windshield as they pass the stores and restaurants.

Two women lead 21 Savage by the hand down a hallway and place him in a chair. They tie a rope around his neck and wrists as he looks at the stack of televisions.

She and Offset make out in the limousine.

She flicks her hands as she walks in the center of a bar.

Offset holds stacks of money and continues to make out with her.

21 Savage closes his eyes as he sits in the chair.

Rating: 0/5

A young woman, who opened her own house cleaning business a few years ago, counts her money with her partner. The young woman drinks her wine from a girl boss mug and watches television as they work. She thinks she’s doing well. While out shopping, she can splurge on expensive headphones and perhaps some clothes. However, the fur coats and couture dresses are out of her reach. On her social media, she boasts that she’s wealthy now. In reality, she’s better off but far from being appointed on any boards.

The young woman wants to be Cardi B. Working would consist of performing on television and hanging out with producers. An assistant would help with whatever she didn’t want to do. She wouldn’t have to clean anyone’s toilets or interview lackluster candidates every couple of weeks.

She’d also have models and athletes vying for her attention. Although they are considered the alphas in their industry, they’d be timid around her. Being on her arm could elevate their careers and one impolite word could end it. However, she’d choose the handsome rapper and they’d become a supercouple.

The young woman turns off the television and listens to her messages. Another employee called off. She sighs and heads to her car to take over the employee’s route.

Director: Petra Collins Year: 2018


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