Video Review: Natasha Bedingfield “I Wanna Have Your Babies”

Arms folded behind the back of her neck, Natasha Bedingfield lies on the mat, dreaming of babies as the fitness instructor stretches her leg. She plays with his shoelaces as he presses her leg harder. She holds his hand as they talk. In the first few weeks of their relationship, they jog in the park and she announces that she loves him. She envisions him being the father of her children and wraps her arms around his neck. The baby girl in the stroller holds a flower. He freaks out and runs off.

At the country club, she plays a game of tennis against the heir of a tech company. She pulls her blouse over, showing off her bra strap and waits for him to serve. She ducks from the ball and he pumps his arms in the air, celebrating his win. After the game, he leans in to kiss her. On a date, heĀ challenges his colleague (with his twentysomething girlfriend) to a race. Embarrassed, she shakes her head and puts her hand on her forehead.

She and her friends dance in place while they sit on the couch in the club. A rapper checks her out by the stage and sends a drink over to her. They dance. During their relationship, he gives her a gold necklace and promises to return once the tour is over.

A month later, a male barista hands her drink order and she experiences a spark. He hugs her as they stand in a room of babies and building blocks. He points out a baby crawling on a mat. She kisses him and indicates that he’s the one. They walk under an arch.

Rating: 0/5

Natasha Bedingfield checks her mail once she gets home from work. She sorts through the bills and opens the handwritten pink envelope. It’s an invitation to a baby shower. She sets it down and sits at her kitchen table. By now, she thought she would married and having a kid of her own with her college sweetheart. However, she broke off their engagement. It didn’t seem right to her. But maybe she was being too picky. A week ago, she searched for him on social media and saw him a holding a baby with his wife in his profile picture. It could’ve been her.

She rebounded with her fitness instructor. They went out on a few dates. She began talking marriage and he stopped calling her. She went back to the gym and he avoided her. She had to find a new place to work out. Next, was the golden boy of the country club. She let him during a tennis match. For about eight months, she accompanied him to galas and sipped her drink while she was expected to stay quiet. He mansplained why he needed her to be a housewife and protect his assets. The dealbreaker, though, was when he competed with his male co-worker (and twentysomething girlfriend) while they were out on his boat. He shouted how great he was and then accused her of lacking enthusiasm. She broke up with him over email.

Then, she had met a rapper at a club. He bought her jewelry and she moved in his home. She attended his shows and was in one of his videos. Then, his career took off and he said was going on tour. She realized she wasn’t going to be able to compete with the groupies on the road. The relationship faded out on its own.

In her old neighborhood, she waited in line at the coffee shop and fall for the male barista. He was a wonderful guy who wanted to give her the world. However, he worried he wasn’t enough for her. He worked in a coffee shop as he finished up his master’s in business. She told him she didn’t care. She had enough to support the both of them. After a year of dating, they got married. Every month, she waited to miss her period. Then, she discovered she was pregnant with their honeymoon baby. She called her doctor right away and scheduled an appointment and hoped the theme of her invitations was still available.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2007

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