Video Review: John Legend & Bloodpop “A Good Night”

Lit in Parisian blue, a young woman walks onto the dance floor and pauses near the bar. A young man, wearing a baseball cap with his dress shirt and pants, is rejected by her with a swipe of her hand. In line are three other men and she swipes again, covering her face in disgust at a bearded man. She stops at man in a suit and tie. However, he rejects her with a swipe. The DJ (John Legend) dances as he switches plays his songs.

She picks herself off the floor and sees another woman get swiped. A fourth man pauses once he sees her. She points her finger downward to view the pictures in his profile. He proceeds to do the same. They begin to dance with one another. The crowd lifts them up on each side and undresses them. They put them in formal and lead them back to the dancefloor. The young man and woman hold hands while the crowd sways behind them. Legend takes off his sunglasses. The young man kisses her.

White confetti falls from the ceiling and Legend jumps from his booth. He dances with the newly wedded couple.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman reinstalled the Tinder app on her phone. The last guy she had met was at work and he had been leading her on for at least several months now. Realizing he wasn’t going to ever ask her out, she began scroll through her phone for her old password to the app.

The first few guys weren’t her type at all. They were trying too hard or weird. She did find a man she liked. However, he ignored her “like.” She put her phone down for a while and listened to the music. Then, she received a notification on her phone. It was a “Super Like.” She thought he was handsome and looked at the pictures in his profile. He ended up being her husband. They married two years later. The DJ was their best man.

Filmed on the Google Pixel 2, the phone offers a clear scope of the action. However, it’s a limited point of view due to the screen. The young man, woman and Legend have to be in the center throughout. There is little interaction with anyone. While at the reception, the camera moves to capture people laughing but it’s small blocks. Even though the young man and woman don’t speak with Legend, he squeezes into the center and dances with them. Without the ability to zoom or create other angles, Legend had to be maneuvered to  into the frame for him to be involved. It holds back the high quality production, stifling it to tedious costume change and a cramped space.

Director: Mishka Kornai Year: 2018


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