Video Review: Kesha “I Need A Woman”

While standing in a desert in Nevada, Kesha leans against the vintage car as her friend walks around. In a voiceover, she says “people should be allowed to love whoever they want to love.”

Dani, sitting by her window at home, writes her vows in her journal. She says in her voiceover that she didn’t think she would be able to get married one day. She adds that she knew was different.

Dani and Lindsey walk into their hotel room at MGM Resorts. I

In a split screen, Kesha and her friend continue to drive to Las Vegas as Dani and Lindsey take pictures on their phone.

Dani and Lindsey gamble at the Bellagio, As they hold hands, Lindsey says getting married wasn’t a possibility when they first met.

Kesha looks over the balcony of hotel. In her voiceover, she explains that she’s going to Las Vegas to officiate her third wedding.

Dani narrates that they saw Kesha at Pride. She remembers seeing her in her rainbow outfit and telling the crowd, “the protestors are out there but in here,” and points to her chest. Lindsey finishes her sentence, saying “in here it’s all love.” Kesha, during her interview, says it’s a “headfuck” to marry two of her fans.

At the altar, Dani says hi to Lindsey and wipes away a tear. Kesha, during the ceremony, says “marriage is a promise between two people who love each other.” She says to Lindsey that Dani loves “the way you make her laugh.” To Dani, Kesha says that Lindsey knew right away that Dani was the one for her. Lindsey continues in her vows that “after meeting you I would never be the same.” Dani, in her vows, promises to hold her hand wherever they go and “to cherish how lucky we are every day.” Kesha tells them they are married. “Let’s kiss!” she says.

Family and friends throw rainbow confetti and rose petals over the balcony. Lindsey and Dani spread their arms out and take in the moment. Lindsey and Dani drink champagne at the reception. Lindsey helps Dani with her veil. In a circle, the guests and the newly married couple hold up heart sparklers. Lindsey comments that “it’s the gayest thing I’ve ever seen” as they cut into their rainbow cake. Dani feeds Lindsey cake.

During their interview, Lindsey says the next generation won’t think getting married is a big deal. Dani says “maybe that’s the dream. Maybe young people don’t have to come out.” Kesha adds “fuck yeah!”

Written on the screen, it says Lindsey and Dani were married on March 26, the anniversary of the first U.S. same-sex marriage license. ” Then, on a black screen is “#Universal Love.”

Rating: 5/5

Dani and Lindsey experience a milestone they didn’t they would be allowed to have. On March 26, 2018 they were married in Las Vegas. They were a legally wedded couple. They had the same rights as a straight couple regarding financial and medical decisions. Neither would have to defer to their significant other’s parent in the case of an emergency. They were officially family.

Kesha, though, is humbled that Dani and Lindsey want her to be a part of the ceremony. Knowing that they were moved by her statement that the “love is in here” at a Pride Festival amazes her. She has played many shows and met fans at meet-and-greets. However, she hasn’t been a part of a life-changing moment for them. She wants it to go well.

Dani and Lindsey hope future generations won’t have to struggle for their rights. They hope coming out isn’t a necessary rite of passage for young people. They want young LGTBQ couples to be comfortable with public displays of affection outside their community. Dani and Lindsey are like any other couple who want to grow old together and have a family of their of own someday.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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