Video Review: Lil Dicky & Chris Brown “Freaky Friday”

At a Chinese restaurant, Lil Dicky asks the server’s advice for two different meals. The server nods and responds “yes.”  He says that “I’ll get the chicken lo mein then” and thanks the server. Jimmy Tatro walks up to his table and exclaims “No way!” Tatro asks him if he’s Lil Dicky. Lil Dicky shakes his hand and says “yes,” Tatro punches Lil Dicky on the shoulder and tells his girlfriend that he’s one of his favorite rappers. His girlfriend says “oh,” while he shakes Lil Dicky hand, “you’re a rapper?” Tatro explains that “he’s not a rapper rapper. He’s like a funny rapper.” Lil Dicky tells them thank you.

After they leave, he watches Chris Brown on the television and comments to his friends that “everybody in hip hop is so much cooler than me.” He adds that he wants to be someone else. The server cocks his head. On television, a quote scrolls by from the interview with Brown, stating that “fame is a mixed blessing.” He says that he wants to be somebody else, too. The server turns his head,

Lil Dicky closes his eyes as he opens his fortune cookie. The server raises his arms down a hallway and the lights flash.

In the morning, Lil Dicky (as Brown) wakes up and sees tattoos along his arms. He notices the two women in bed with him and runs to the wall length mirror. On his phone, he talks to Kanye West and watches a little girl run down the hallway. He looks out on the balcony of his mansion and starts singing. He uses the n-word frequently to every service person he encounters. He dances on the sidewalk. Back at Brown’s mansion, he finds a gun in the bookcase.

The same morning, Brown (as Lil Dicky) sighs as he wakes up in a twin bed. He checks out the size of his penis and walks down the sidewalk, turning his head away while two teenage young women pass by him. He feels his chest in the mirror and tells Lil Dicky’s mom to leave him alone as he shops in a store. He runs out and walks into a bar. The news report states that “Chris Brown runs around screaming ‘I’m Chris Brown!'”

Lil Dicky (as Brown) talks to the paparazzi and lets people film him as he continues to walk down the street. Brown (as Dicky) holds up a picture of himself and asks people if they have seen him anywhere. Lil Dicky (as Brown) takes a picture of his penis. Brown (as Dicky) hangs out at the club with several women. Brown (as Lil Dicky) calls out to him as the bouncer holds him back. Brown (as Lil Dicky) breaks a bottle over the bouncer’s head and jumps over the velvet rope. The server nods his head.

On the dancefloor, they return back to themselves and dance together. The server points his arm, putting him in Ed Sheeran’s body. Lil Dicky is disappointed.. He shouts that he’s DJ Khaled and then becomes Kendall Jenner. As Jenner, he checks out his body parts and sees he has a vagina. Lil Dicky (as Jenner) lies down on the bed and relaxes.

Rating: 0/5

Lil Dicky, a privileged upper middle-class white male, idolizes African-Americans. As a fan of R&B and rap, he culture appropriates while doing the laundry. Around the office, he tells his fellow IT programmer that his new code is off the chain and that he saw a bando on the way to work today. His co-worker gives him the side-eye, saying “uh-huh” as Lil Dicky continues to talk.

He listens to LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells station on Sirius XM on the way home. He whispers the n-word as he raps along while heading to the exit ramp on the expressway. LL Cool J has had it so good. He’s got his own television and a series of classic albums. He wants that type of respect. He thinks of Chris Brown and shakes his head. Brown, in his opinion, has been dragged through the media and made a comeback. He wants to be an African-American person for a day and experience Brown’s life. According to him, he’d be rich, popular and he could do whatever he wanted without going to jail. To him, a famous African-American male is equal to being a white CEO of a major Fortune 500 company.

On social media, he decries the latest Starbucks controversy involving the two African-American males who were arrested as they waited for a friend. He wonders why they didn’t say something and stand up for themselves. He listens to Taylor Swift’s version of “September” over and over and thinks Beyoncé’s performance at Coachella was overrated.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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