Video Review: Tevin Campbell “Can We Talk”

In the city, Tevin Campbell and his friends run along the bicycle path in the park. They play football on the grass.

Campbell walks inside the arch of a building and leans against the column.

During the football game, he scores a touchdown and passes the ball to one of his friends. A female friend sits next to him while the group of friends talk by the bridge.

While hanging out together, he pushes her on a tire swing attached to a tree.

He and his best friend look at the city skyline from the park.

He and his friend greet a group of young woman from their school as they walk through the park. He and his friends dance on the grass.

He and his female friend run to the fountain. She drops a coin in the water and makes a wish. They walk by the lake.

He and his friends hold up newspaper to their heads as the rain starts to fall. They pause to let his best friend tie his shoelace. He jokes with his group of friends. He sits by himself at the bridge.

He strokes his female friend’s hair. He and his best friend ride their bicycles.

He and his female friend talk on the trail.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tevin Campbell shakes his head after he says goodbye to a woman he met. They talked about the teacher and classes they shared. However, he didn’t get a chance to really get to know her. It seemed as though she wanted to talk more but he wasn’t sure. She did sit next to him all day. He didn’t want to be too forward and assume she liked him.

The next day, though, the young woman sees him in the halls and says she had fun last weekend. She adds that she wished they had more of a chance to hang out. He suggests the following Saturday to hang out with her and she agrees. In some of their classes, she sits next to him and talks to him before class starts.

She’s a really good person. He learned she wants to work for the American Cancer Society one day. She does some volunteering in the hospital over the weekends. Since her mother passed away two years ago, she realized she wanted to help people and get involved. She has a dog and wants to travel to Europe someday.

By the end of the year, she had become close with all of his friends. They had gone to concerts together and came over for dinner at his house at least once a month. Her dad told him he was glad she had someone like him in his life. He treated her well. She had a rough time after her mom’s death and become a loner. She’s the first person she’s opened up to for a long time.

Director: N/A Year: 1993


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