Video Review: U2 “Beautiful Day”

The clouds move throughout the gloomy sky in Paris, France.

Bono walks outside the Charles De Gaulle Airport. A plane prepares to take off. Bono tries to hail a car. He walks into the revolving door and presses his face against it.

U2 perform in a darkened terminal.

Bono puts forms an “o” over his eyes as he walks on the second floor. He steals a young man’s suitcase. The young man grabs it back. He walks in a crowd of people waiting in the lobby. Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry carry their luggage on the second floor. The Edge hands drops his bag on the conveyor belt.

Bono swings his feet on the escalator.

Larry drinks some coffee while waiting in the lobby. Adam talks while Bono and the Edge listen.

A couple makes out at the gate.

Bono takes an apple out of a woman’s hand and stretches out on the chairs as he eats it. He rides on the conveyor belt.

U2 perform on the runway while planes take off.

Larry, Bono, The Edge and Adam carry their luggage as they walk out of the airport.

Bono runs on the runway.

The couple continue to make out.

Rating: 3/5

The flight had been delayed for three hours. Bono, bored, wanted to wander the airport. He had read most of his books and the conversation between Adam, Larry and the Edge had petered out as they fell asleep in the lobby. He had a twinge of hunger but didn’t want anything from the vending machine.

While walking on the floors, he thought he would joke around with people. He pretended to take a young man’s luggage. The young man, though, glared at him as he apologized. He went up and down the escalators several times. At one point, he held onto the railing and let his legs hang. People stared at him and gasped. He called out he was okay.

Walking back to the lobby, he overheard people discussing their plans and worrying about the weather. Some babies were cried and children were holding their stuffed animals as their parents got their baggage checked. The intercom blasted a mechanical notice of the flights currently boarding in a couple of languages. He stopped in a restaurant and ate some pasta. While he swirled the noodles on his fork, he watched the news on the television.

Back at the lobby, Larry informs him that they booked a hotel for the night. Their flight won’t take off until tomorrow. He picks up his suitcase and leaves with the band.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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