Video Review: Dave Matthews Band “Crash Into Me”

Three medieval fairies dance in the watercolor forest. Stefan picks out leaves and debris from his cello while sitting in the lake.

Dave stands with his back to a tree while the medieval fairies continue to dance in the grainy forest. Stefan looks at the sky as he throws up his arms. The princesses sit together on the grass. A skeletal monster stands at a tree. Boyd plays his cello on a rock.

Boyd, wearing a skirt of violins, holds his arms over his head. Stefan, staring into the water, puts his hand up. Tinted in Pacific blue, the princesses continue to dance. LeRoi plays his saxophone.

Dave sits on a couch while two geisha race between him. The geisha pose for a grainy watercolor photo. A princess with smoky eyes peers behind LeRoi. Two women slowly open their legs. Dave glances into the forest as he rides a unicorn.

In a grainy watercolor, Dave wears a top hat. The fairies dance.

Rating: 2/5

A rustling noise causes Dave, a pauper, to whisper to his unicorn to stop. He perks up his ears and listens. He directs his unicorn to the corner tree in the forest and they hide. Standing against the tree, he hears one fairy sing. They call out for an owl. The owl responds in a human voice and the three fairies have a conversation with it.

The fairies begin to sing a funereal song and he tucks his body closer to the tree. He glances over quickly and sees the smoky black circles around their eyes. The one in the center, he believes, is the ghost of a woman he once loved. He says her name out loud and she flutters over to him, her eyes discerning his movements. She bows to him and put her hand underneath his chin. “What do you require of me?” He asks her for a kiss, which she grants. “But that cannot be all?” she implores. He says he wants the princess to be in love with him. She fidgets and tilts her head, “The princess?” He nods. “So you have forgotten,” she adds and then waves her hand.

The princess wanders in the forest the next day, searching for Dave. She sees him over the grove and starts to sing. Her crystal vocals reach his ears and he puts down his book. He instructs his unicorn to wait and walks over to the voice. His eyes widen once he discovers it’s the princess. She asks him for a dance.

Director: Dean Karr Year: 1996

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