Video Review: The Weeknd “Call Out My Name (Version 2)”

A street lamp turns on a Mediterran lit road. The Weeknd leans against the pole for a few moments and then walks in the center of the street. A swarm of crows fly overhead as he shouts. He dodges between them as they disintegrate. He dances on the now lime green street.

In a darkened theater, he steps up to a white screen and dances in silhouette. The screen whizzes by in a circle. He walks into the forest. Patches of the grass burn in small fires. The goats freeze. An alien sits in the forest, laser emits from its eyes as it stares at The Weeknd.

A volcanic light swirls in the center of a skyscraper. The alien looks out from the balcony of a high-rise. The Weeknd stands in front of the movie screen.

Rating: 5/5

The Weekend, his hands in his pockets, walks down an abandoned street. The call was to evacuate to a safe area. A mysterious ship had landed in the city and two unknown creatures had taken out hundreds of law enforcement. However, The Weeknd prefers to stay. A week ago, a young woman broke his heart and he no longer cares about his existence.

The creatures have altered the Earth. Thin theater screens are portals to the their conquered territories. He steps inside, wanting to see who they are. However, one glares at him, its laser eyes blinding him. He faintly remembers the area as he walks between the small fires. It was a park where he and his parents camped during the summers. It was where he took his ex-girlfriend.

The howls of dogs and purrs of cats have been silenced. Animal life has been frozen. They can only blink. The Weeknd walks by them as they seem to await orders. He decides to stay in the portal. There is no one at home he wants to see.

In the city, the creatures have taken over the high-rises, driving people out of their homes and claimed it as their headquarters. A lab is built to experiment the humans who have survived. The United States had of fallen. Ships zip through the sky and head to Europe.

Director: Grant Singer Year: 2018

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