Video Review: Stevie Nicks “Rooms On Fire”

Stevie Nicks looks out her bedroom window.

On stage, she performs in a long, black dress.

She stands by a fringed lamp by her bed. She watches a car drive off from the window.

Nicks’ face is in the middle of a navy blue heart perfume bottle.

Lights flash on stage as she continues to sing.

Walking down the staircase, she holds onto the ends of her dress and sees a young man, in a suit and tie, watching her. In the family room of the home, she stares off into space as she sits in the chair. The young man gives her his hand. They dance.

She stands in the bedroom, flames licking at the sides of the bed.

They dance outside of the home. She cuddles a baby in her arms in the family room. He takes the baby from her and inches away. She crouches over as he fades. A miniature version of herself falls from the table’s ledge and into the flames. The heart perfume bottle breaks.

As she plays the piano, she stares at photo of him. She stands on the balcony.

With her back to the window, she combs her hair.

The man enters the room through a doorway of white light. He opens the sheet covering the bed and she looks up. She peeks at him from behind the lamp. He holds her hand as they walk towards the light. They walk on a bubblegum pink coated beach and fade away.

Rating: 3/5

Stevie Nicks’ gasps for breath as she lies on the bed. A nurse checks on in her every so often. She calls out for her daughter and husband. A person holds her hand and says they love her. She closes her eyes. She’s been waiting to see her husband and daughter for twenty years. The time may be here.

Listless conversations swirled as she mingled among the other party guests. They talked of an unnecessary meetings and thread counts. She sat on the chair by herself, checking her watch. However, a young man asked her to dance. He swept her across the room and onto the patio. They held hands and talked on the beach until 3 in the morning.

He gave her a ring and a child. Her heart thumped each time she saw him in their home, chopping up vegetables or cooing at the baby. An impulsive affair ended her fulfilled life. Her dreams of attending her daughter’s wedding and growing old with her husband vanished once she received the divorce papers. In court, he was able to get full custody. She never saw her daughter again.

Whiskey and pills pushed down the loneliness. She stumbled through her life and isolated herself in the mansion her husband let her keep in the settlement. Ten years ago, she read in the newspaper, her ex-husband, his second wife and his daughter went missing on a tropical island.

She closes her eyes and sees her ex-husband walking through the bright light in the doorway to her. He says it’s been a long time and all is forgiven. He leads her back to the beach where they first talked. He says she’d be proud of their daughter.

Director: N/A Year: 1989


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