Video Review: Zayn “Let Me”

A taxi drops Zayn off at a hotel He walks into the lobby, past the gold-plated seal and young women in little black dresses, pausing at the door. Two men, standing on each side of it, open the door for him and he enters the club. He watches a young woman (Sofia Jamora) dancing with her eyes closed on the floor.

He leaves the club and heads towards the penthouse. A guard opens the door to him and he sees the young woman, walking down the staircase, wearing a floral robe. He steps into the family room and sets the suitcase down next to the kingpin (Steve Bauer). The kingpin tells him “it’s going down tonight.” The young woman glances at Zayn as she passes through the room and stares at the ocean from the balcony. The kingpin notices him staring and asks him, “you like that, don’t you?” Zayn answers, “what’s not to like.”

While a boat sails on the ocean, he makes a call from the payphone. Two men stop him at the dock. One of the men sees a laser pointed at him and instructs his partner to put his gun back. He throws the suitcase to them and leaves.

He takes the taxi back to the hotel and meets with the kingpin in the corner of the club. The kingpin sips his whiskey and opens the suitcase. The kingpin points to his girlfriend to have her come over.

Zayn imagines them in the hotel room, walking on the balcony and making love in the bed.

He pats the kingpin on the shoulder and tells him he can’t. The kingpin points to his lackeys, signaling them to fight with Zayn. Zayn throws several punches and takes them out. The crowd screams as the kingpin holds a gun to the young woman’s head. She disarms him and the kingpin falls to the floor.

The young woman runs her hand through Zayn’s hair as they ride a boat in the ocean. They kiss. To Be Continued is written on the screen.

Rating: 3.5/5

Zayn was on his own. The young woman (Jemima Kirke), from “Dusk Till Dawn, ” had told him she could help him disappear for a while but she had other jobs. He stayed in a motel for a month. Each morning, as he brushed his teeth, he waited for the sirens. However, the arrests were usually the another floor below him. He dyed his black and let it grow out.

A text on his burner phone reads: “Meet me at the hotel.” He hails a taxi and heads for the post office. He receives the key to his safe and takes out the suitcase. A note from the first young woman reads. “Love You. Stay safe.” He puts it in his pocket and then tells the driver to take him to the hotel.

However, he knows not to fall in love. The kingpin could kill him without a second thought. A second young woman changes his mind as he sees her in dancing in the club. He allows himself to feel something for her as he continues to walk to the kingpin’s room. The young woman, though, meets his gaze as he heads to the family room.

The kingpin informs him of the plan and takes note of Zayn’s crush on his girlfriend. He tries not to let the kingpin rattle him and reminds himself he has a job to finish. Once he exchanges the suitcases, he returns back to the club. The kingpin offers him his girlfriend. Zayn says no. Although he likes her, the young woman is not an object to be passed around. The kingpin won’t be crossed and orders his lackeys to beat Zayn.

He knew it was a risky decision. However, he was able to fight back against the lackeys. The gun, though, scared him. He stopped breathing as he saw the only girl he has ever loved struggling underneath the kingpin’s grasp. She was able to twist his arm as the kingpin threatened Zayn.

While riding on the boat, they enjoyed each other’s company. However, neither knew what to do. They were safe now. But the kingpin would be looking for them.

Director: Jose Padilha Year: 2018

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