Video Review: Mike + The Mechanics “The Living Years”

Birds fly across the ocean. Mike holds his son’s hand as they walk up to the mountain, leading to  Culbone in West Somerset, England. He and his son watch the still ocean.

Paul’s face is superimposed over the mountain and water.

Mike and his son sit on some grass. Mike tells him a story. Back at home, Mike looks at a framed photograph of his father. Mike stands at his father’s headstone and walks away. At home, he looks out the window and watches his son pet their dog as he sits in the boat.

The band performs on stage. A young boy’s church choir sings in the left corner. The choir disappears as rapid ocean waves roll across the screen. An adult choir is added in the right corner.

Mike and his son stand at the grave of his father. His son walks past the graves. Mike follows soon after. People walk on the mountain. Mike and his son watch the ocean again before returning home.

Rating: 5/5

Tomorrow, it will be five years since Mike’s father had passed. His son was only a few years and never met him. He and his father had stopped talking. It was in the afternoon when his mother called him, telling him his father wasn’t doing so well and to come as quickly as possible. She didn’t know how much longer he had.

In the hospital, he sat next to his father. His father apologized for pushing him away. Mike told him to not worry about it and kissed him on the forehead. His father talked about the pranks he pulled in the neighborhood to his aunts and uncles. Mike showed him a pictures of his son. He said his son loved the outdoors. He was interested in nature and science. During the spring, he played Little League. His father laughed, recalling taking Mike to Little League. Mike stayed far out in the field to avoid the ball. “I did hit the occasional home run,” Mike added.

Then, his father stopped talking. He only had five days with his father and wished he had more. He had missed his father so much. His son often asked for stories about his grandfather. Mike had to tell him to ask his grandmother. He gives his son a hug and they walk together to visit his father’s grave.

While he prays, he thanks for his father for giving him a second chance. His son places some flowers on the grave and tells his grandfather he won the science fair. As they watch the ocean, Mike explains to his son that he and his father didn’t have a good relationship. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen to them. His son says he loves him and asks why he would he be mad at him. Mike smiles at him and tells him to not be afraid to talk to him.

Director: Tim Broad Year: 1989

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