Video Review: Jason Derulo & Maluma “Colors”

Jason Derulo answers his phone while he sits in his car. It’s his friend, Jeremy. Over Facetime, Derulo asks him “what up?” Jeremy wants to know if he wants to play some football. Derulo answers that he’ll “be there in five minutes.”

In Little Haiti in Miami, Florida, a boy kicks a football. Derulo stands in a stadium decorated with countries’ flags. A British man waves his flag from his window. A Japanese woman waves her flag over her head in her driveway.

He walks on top of the Citadelle Laferrière in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Two American man ride their skateboards in the street. One holds the flag over his head. Two Colombian women hold the flag as they run across the street.

In the stadium, he walks backwards in the center as people of various countries stand in a line next to him. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt, he sits on the end of the stage as Wyclef Jean plays the guitar.

As Derulo dances, people wave their flags.

A young German woman pirouettes as two men play the drums next to her. A young man kicks the Coca-Cola football into the net.

Underneath a sheet designed with various countries’ flags, he dances with several women. It switches to two men dancing alongside him.

Two Moroccan women dance on the field by their flag. A Japanese women, wearing Kabuki makeup, dances by her flag.

The women return to dance with Derulo.

Derulo runs, holding a flag over his body, and stops at the end of the fortress.

People wave their flags around him in the stadium.

Rating: 4/5

Haiti has suffered many losses due to natural disasters in the past decade. In 2010, two earthquakes struck in January and by October, a hurricane hit. Hurricane Matthew, in 2016, though, left 90 percent of the south Haiti destroyed, according to BBC News. In 2018, Unicef reported that cholera was an ongoing problem and 300,000 do not have enough food to eat.

The Citadelle Laferrière, built in 1820, though, has become a symbol of resilience and survival after withstanding extreme weather conditions. It can aid its people while they are hungry and provide shelter from them storms, if needed. However, as a tourist destination, it offers a blunt view of the tragedies that have occurred only a distance away.

Other countries are also featured with popular activities associated with them. In the United States, people skateboard. Citizens of Germany dance, specifically. Bavarian as part of the culture. In Japan, citizens perform Kabuki in various theatres. People can watch the performers tell a historical story. Nonetheless, various countries are acknowledged, even if it’s with only a flag.

Director: Gil Green Year: 2018


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