Video Review: Shakira & Wyclef Jean “Hips Don’t Lie”

Belly dancers shake their hips at the arena in Los Angeles, California. With a gold dotted back, she moves her arms against a black background. Wearing a sangria red crop top and matching, flowing skirt, she dances against the wall of the club. Wyclef Jean plays on the tiny stage.

Shakira and Jean takes turns walking through sheer rose pink curtains. At the club, she rolls her shoulders and points to her hips. She sits at a table and spreads her legs over the chair.

Wearing a red bra and skirt, she claps and jiggles her breasts as she dances with the crowd in the theatre. Jean works his way towards her.

In a white tied top and long white skirt, she and her dancers fold their hands in prayer. They lift the trains of their skirts and move their bodies to the left and right once.

Jean dances alongside Shakira. Some men perform backflips in the theatre.

Against the black background, Shakira’s image duplicates and fades.

Rating: 2/5

Shakira enters a dive bar in southern Los Angeles. In the corner, Wyclef Jean plays to a small crowd. She begins to dance to his music while the bartenders clean the counter. She tells him it was a great show as they leave. Jean shrugs, saying it was okay. She playfully punches him on the shoulder and says he played somewhere during Fiesta Broadway. They walk through the thousands of people in Los Angeles to get to the theatre. They sample some quesadillas and fried ice cream from vendors. They rode the ferris wheel and then went to the theatre for Shakira’s rehearsal. Shakira tilts her head back and forth and tells Jean she’s nervous. He tells she’ll be wonderful.

Shakira, in her solo, showed off her moves. The people behind the barricades shouted and clapped for her as she walked out. A few people asked where she learned how to dance and two men asked her out. Jean furrowed his brow and told them to back off. They stop and listen to a local band before they leave. Shakira’s phone rings and she excuses herself from Jean. As she talks to her agent, he says that she has been asked to go on a national tour. He states the pay and she says she’ll do it. As she walks back to Jean, she squeals, telling him the good news. He kisses her on the cheek and hugs her.


Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2006

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