Video Review: Tinashe & Future “Faded Love”

Tinashe, wearing a white bra top and laced hot pants with fishnet stockings, lies on the floor of a warehouse. She bends her back and touches her chest. She sits up and sways her hair from left to right. Hands on the floor, she crawls and shakes her butt. She kicks her legs up in the air and touches her hair.

She walks through some mauve sheets and shakes her hips. Pointing her finger like a gun, she moves it over her head. She turns her head to the right and swishes her arms.

Sunlight streams through one of the few windows as she walks down the stairs. She walks by the a wall and crawls again on the floor. She bends down and shakes her butt.

Against the cobwebbed wall, she points her head and hands to the right. She puts on a boxer’s robe and looks to the right. Putting the hood down, she stares at the ceiling. She takes off the robe and crosses her legs on the floor. She puts her hands on her face and jerks her head a couple of times. Arching her back, she rises up and glances over her shoulder.

Rating: 2/5

An uncomfortably close camera ogles Tinashe’s butt and stomach while she rests on the warehouse floor. It travels to her breasts, zooming in on her nipple-bursting bra top and follows her hand as she touches her face. She surveys the video and sighs. The director was a male co-worker she hired. She wished she could’ve placed an ad on a job site. However, she could only afford to pay $50 total.

The warning on her phone lets her know her battery is low. She yawns and checks her alarm. In four hours, she’ll have to get up for her shift. The editing process has been slow. At certain points, her male co-worker moved her face out of the frame and she wasn’t sure how she was going to salvage it. Although at one point, she was thinking of how she’s always going to be stuck working in the factory and he was able to capture her downcast eyes.

The video is all she has. She scraped the money together for a headshot and created a resume. Since she was five, she wanted to be a dancer. At  her neighborhood dance studio, she won gold in solo competitions. However, her mother lost her job and she had to quit. She took dance lessons when she could afford it and had a subscription to to find out about auditions. However, she needed to try. She knows she can do it.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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