Video Review: Logic & Marshmello “Everyday”

Inside a conference room at Veneer Mortgage, a male executive shakes Logic’s arm to wake him up. He apologizes to both the male and female executives saying, he worked on their presentation all night. The female executive responds “Yeah. I know. We can smell it” and calls him a disgrace. He rubs his eyes as the male executive comments to “get this goddamn thing over with.” The CEO asks them “what shit are you shoveling today.” The female executive laughs and makes a shoveling motion.

Logic parks his ten-year-old car in the parking lot. HIs manager and girlfriend parks next to him. Logic says hello but they ignore him. About noon, he passes out the mail to everyone and punches the clock at 5 p.m. While inputting sales number, he glances over his shoulder at a young woman and smiles. The male executive gives him a stack of file folders to sort. He holds a tray of coffee and walks up the stairs. However, he drops them once he walks onto the carpet on the second floor.

During his break time, he tells funny stories by the water cooler and his co-workers laugh. His manager stands right by him and Logic stops talking. One of his co-workers stands at the fax machine and tries to get it the paper to run through. However, it jams. At the water cooler, the female and male executives pinch his butt as they pass by. The female co-worker winks at him. A large stack of file folders is dropped on his desk by the female executive. He opens the door and sees the executives sleeping together in the female’s office.

At 9 p.m, he is still at the office. He places folders on his co-workers’ desks and falls asleep in the conference room. The managers clap for the executives. The executives hand him folders while he makes copies. Around the holidays, he sets up the Christmas tree and decorates. The female executive humps him at the party. He carries balloons up to the office and brings the cake. He makes calls as his co-workers celebrate. On Halloween, he continues to make copies.

He grows old and becomes a senior citizen. The male executive asks him to make copies and he walks into the center of the aisle, raving that the job is meaningless and asks if anyone is going to quit with him. Several of co-workers, including Marshmello join him. He takes the fax machine and is stopped by security. They run out through another door.

They leave the office building and drop the fax machine on the grass. Then, out of Office Space, they all take turns hitting it. Marshmello and Logic steal the male executive’s sports car and play basketball at the park. They go to a skate park and attend an outdoor yoga class. In the evening, they order champagne service at a trendy club. Logic climbs a mountain in the middle of winter. Logic and Marshmello skydive.

Back at the copier, Logic walks away from the executives as they insult him. He calls them out for their harassment and quits. His now former co-workers run to the window and film as he attempts to steal the male executive’s car but fails. On the reserved sign, he scratches out division and writes dick over it. He drives home, smiling.

Rating: 5/5

Marshmello gets Logic a beer and tells him he’s an inspiration. Logic sips his beer and says walking out felt good. It was the best thing he ever did. Marshmello says they have gone through almost five people since he quit and he heard that the CEO complained about their presentations. Logic explains he had an epiphany while at the copier of him at age 50, doing the same thing. He couldn’t take it anymore.

Marshmello asks him what’s he doing now. Logic says he found a retail job and says his managers actually treat him better than the executives. After the verbal harassment, he needs a break from the office type jobs. While money is tight, he has been able to read more and he’s taking a certification course at the community college. Marshmello wishes he could quit. He’s gone on interviews but no one has offered him a job. Layoffs are looming and he wants to be out. Logic pats him on the shoulder and says he’ll find one eventually. Marshmello scoffs and drinks his beer. Marshmello says everyone misses him and that they are planning a get-together next month. He’s invited to come if he wants. Logic smiles and asks about the female co-worker. Marshmello grins and says “she’s the one who pushing for the get-together.” Logic pumps his arm and exclaims “yeah!”

Director: Alan Ferguson Year: 2018

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