Video Review: Timmy T “One More Try”

Timmy T asks his girlfriend to listen to him. She continues to pack her suitcase and leaves. He throws his book on the table and follows her outside to the cab. He hits the trunk as the cab pulls off.

His girlfriend cries by the window. Timmy T sits on the couch and then plays the piano in the afternoon.

His girlfriend smiles as she crawls on the bed to see him. He puts his arms around her and they cuddle.

He walks alone in the park. He remembers his girlfriend beside him, joking. With his head down, she disappears from his side. They talk over dinner and spin on the rooftop of the apartment building.

He sits on the park bench by himself. Looking to his right, she appears next to him and then fades. At the restaurant, she listens to him but says nothing.

Rating: 1/5

Timmy T turns on the television. He switches through the stations and finally settles on a Law & Order rerun. As Jerry Orbach solves the case, he snacks on some chips. The crumbs fall on the couch and he leaves it. He kicks over some soda cans and finds the blanket. The phone rings and he mutes the television. The answering machine picks it up and it’s his mother, asking him he needs anything. He turns the volume up louder.

It’s been two weeks since he and his girlfriend broke up. He had hoped it was her. After getting home from work, he left a message for her on her machine, encouraging her to talk to him. Something had been off about their relationship for a while. He caught her staring out the window, tears in her eyes. There were often days she didn’t talk to him. He believed she would open up to him. But she never did.

On the television, the investigative news reporters promises a big reveal of the Wall of Shame but he turns it off. He wishes he knew what was wrong. They were together for two years and she moved in a few months ago. He brought up marriage and children to her. Marriage seemed to be the next step, He didn’t think she would run. He shrugs and shakes the bag of potato chip crumbs in his mouth. He picks up a controller and starts playing video games. At two in the morning, he falls asleep on the couch.

Director: Al Calzatti Year: 1991

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