Video Review: In Real Life “Tattoo (How ‘Bout You)”

A young woman walks across the street. Chance checks her out and then starts walking with her. They chat about school. He holds her hand and helps her avoid the curb.

Chance, Drew, Michael, Sergio and Brady hang out on the roof of an apartment building. Drew taps his heart.

Drew spins as they walk on the sidewalk. She puts her arm around Sergio. Brady leans against his car. Sergio walks ahead of her. She watches Brady close his car door and inches away as he approaches her.

Chance, Drew, Michael, Sergio and Brady walk past some stores in the city.

Drew walks with his arm around her again. Brady walks backwards as they talk. Michael stares at the chain link fence while they talk. Chance holds her close to her. She flips her hair. Chance grins at her while they stand a few feet away from one another.

Chance, Drew, Michael, Sergio and Brady huddle together.

Rating: 1/5

The young woman spots Chance in the cafeteria. He waves to her and she smiles. Her best friend asks her what’s going on. She shrugs and says nothing. Her best friend responds, “Nothing? Really?” She answers with a vehement yes. After school, Chance walked her home. Although he was a nice guy, she liked him as a friend.

“What about Drew?” her best friend asked. The young woman laughs and says that he’s such a goofball. They went out on one date and decided they would be better off as friends. She adds that she and Michael were paired up as lab partners in biology. She liked him. However, he was too closed off.

“Brady is cocky is all hell,” her best friend said, “Did he do the leaning against the car thing like he’s some sort of model?” The young nods yes and rolls her eyes. Brady considered it a favor if he flirted with one of his female classmates, claiming he was the one who made them popular.

“Sergio’s a good guy, though, ” she says as she bites into her sandwich, “he’s so caring and sweet.”

“But he can come off a little strong. He needs to chill.” her best friend comments, “would you date him, though.”

The young woman wipes her mouth with a napkin. “Maybe,” she answers.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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