Video Review: Mariah Carey “Always Be My Baby”

Around midnight, Mariah Carey holds onto a rope while she moves back and forth over a lake on a tire swing. She lets her bare feet graze the water.

Inside a cabin, a twelve-year-old checks to see his friend is asleep. On the opposite side of the campsite, a twelve-year-girl wakes up and sits up in her bed. He looks out the window, puts on his hat and climbs out of his bunk bed. She sees him waiting by her window. She jumps out and gives him a hug.

Carey dances by the campfire. Her friends talk and listen to music.

The twelve-year-old boy and girl run through the woods. They hold hands and swing over the lake together.

Carey sings with a group of friends.

The twelve-year-old girl jumps into the lake from the swing. She swims underwater and he jumps into the lake.

Carey splashes her feet in the water as she moves back and forth.

They hold hands underneath the water and kiss.

Rating: 4/5

Mariah Carey had seen a notice in the newspaper that a reunion for Crystal Lake Camp between 1980 – 1990. There were a few people she stayed in touch with over the years. However, she wondered if the first boy she ever kissed would be there. She called the contact person (who she vaguely remembered as a counselor) and said she was going to attend.

She drove up to the camp with one of her friends she bunked with for a couple of summers. During the drive, the friend pointed out how much the area had been built up. Once they arrived, several people ran to them and gave them hugs. They caught up in the mess hall. Carey asked if anyone remembered the song they had to sing as they sit down. She and her friends placed their trays down and sang it into their plastic forks. She searched for the young boy who stole her heart at twelve years old. However, she didn’t see anyone who resembled him. While she sat down with her friends, she blinked back tears as they continued to share memories.

They gathered at the campfire with the coordinators. The coordinator asked everyone to introduce themselves, state the years they attended and their favorite memory. On her turn, she put her arm around her friend and said they enjoyed their late night talks. A young man with a faint beard said he had first kiss underneath the water with someone his age. He smiled towards to her. She put her head down and bit her lip.

After the icebreaker, she apologized for not mentioning the memory. It was personal for her and it hurt so much. She wished she had gotten his contact information back then. However, she figured she would see him next year. He explained his dad lost his job and they couldn’t afford the camp any longer. He missed her and thought of her all the time. They stopped at the lake and he held her hand. They looked into one another eyes and kissed.

On the way back to the campfire, he said he wasn’t going to let her go this time. They cuddled by the fire and watched the sunrise in each other’s arms.

Director: Mariah Carey Year: 1996

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