Video Review: Demi Lovato “Neon Lights”

Demi Lovato raises her arms as she swims naked in the water underneath the lilac sky. She leans against a metal wall with a jagged flourescent stripe over her head in the Parisienne blue lit club. In silhouette (and still in the same blue), she lies on the floor and touches lips. A duplicate image of her facing the right follows the same motion. She touches her cheek. To the left of the screen, her head is upside down.

Several shirtless men dance on a platform with her, continuing in the same Parisienne blue.

She syncs her photographs to her watch, which states #neonlights.

She lies on the flourescent white platform. She runs her hand over her elbow in the water. Two silhouettes of herself tilt their heads forward, their hands on their head.

While dancing on the platform, her pink lips glow. In the center of the dancefloor, her rainbow bracelets glow as she runs her hand over her face and shouts to the music.

She peeks through a geometric flourescent symbol. Water sprinkles from the ceiling as everyone dances on the floor.

She lies on the stage again, arching her back. Rain falls on her as she rests her legs.

She turns her head as she continues to stand in the water.

Rating: 1/5

The monotonous blue tempers Demi Lovato’s glum mood as she begins to dance. An hour later, sweat drips from her forehead and she leans against the wall to catch her breath. Mouth dry, she longs for a drink. However, she promised she would only have some soda.

She turns her head to the left and sees a young man dealing pills. She smacks her lips and closes her eyes, trying to gather the weightless feeling from the pills she swore off. Legs limp, she heads to the bar and asks for a tequila shot. Five songs later, she’s knocking into people as she’s dancing. She opens her mouth to feel the water on her tongue as it falls from the ceiling.

In the bathroom, she dumps the contents of her purse on the counter. She clutches her one-year chip and puts her head down. She calls her sponsor and asks for a ride home.

Director: Ryan Pallotta Year: 2013


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