Video Review: Rudimental, Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen “These Days”

Macklemore walks in downtown Seattle around midnight.

In London, England, Jess Glynne fingers a faded gold charm necklace as she and Macklemore sit on the couch. As she washes dishes, he puts his arms around her waist. They kiss.

Back in Seattle, Washington, Macklemore sits in the dark and leans over the couch, his head over his knees. He stares at the ceiling.

Dan Caplen sings at his piano in his apartment.

Glynne walks the soaked sidewalk of downtown London alone in the afternoon. Glynne and Macklemore turn on the corner and cuddle on a railing.

Glynne sits in the bedroom and watches Macklemore cook breakfast. He starts to juggle the apples and takes a bite out of them. She laughs. She counts the change in his hand and hands him a pass for the subway. She rests her head on his shoulder during the ride. At the record store, they debate an album. He listens to an album on the headphones. She sorts through the stack of albums, moving her shoulders. She finds the album she wanted and he indicates that it’s perfect.

They laugh in bed together. Over dinner, he writes down some lyrics as she suggests a line. At a vintage clothing store, she puts a charm necklace to her collarbone. They both try on sailor hats. She tightens the scarf around his neck and then pays for the necklace.

Her friends tell her she picked out good albums. She explains to them it took her two hours to find one. Their friend Caplen plays the piano. Glynne sings along.

He sits on the piano bench in the empty apartment.

He rubs his hand on his head and sits on various spots of the couch. She yells at him in the kitchen. She wipes a tear from her eye. He boards a plane back to the United States. She knocks on the door of their former apartment and walks inside. She picks up her album and gets the mail. She opens the door of the taxi. Macklemore lands in the United States and takes a cab back to the city. She opens the envelope and finds her charm necklace. She smiles.

Rating: 4/5

Macklemore unpacks his clothes and puts them in the closet. His best friend leans against the door and asks him if he’s okay. Macklemore shrugs and says he’s surviving. He thanks his friend for letting him stay with him. He promises him it won’t be long. His friend says it’s not a problem. He puts his socks in the drawer and thinks of the London rain. For three years, he complained about the cold as he walked to work. He stopped in the pubs to warm up and bought a dozen coats. However, he learned to love the scent of rain.

Three years ago, he was stuck somewhere in England. With the data on his phone maxed out, he went to a cafe and looked up a map to get to Big Ben. He wrote the directions on a piece of paper. As he walked down the street, he turned his left to right. Glynne had asked him if he was lost. Relieved, he said yes and asked her where he was. She told him he was going in the opposite direction. Linking her arm in his, she said she’d take him there.

After dinner, he asked her if she wanted to hang out with him the next day. She grinned and said yes. His job had transferred him to England a few weeks ago and he didn’t know anyone. They began to date soon afterwards and she moved into his flat. However, last spring, his video chats back in the United States with his job became shorter and the emails less frequent. He asked his boss in the United Kingdom if there was anything he could do. He seemed to be taken off a project. His boss told him his position was going to be eliminated.

Glynne had asked him what it meant for them. She had brought up the idea of marriage but he said they had time. “This was what I was afraid of!” she shouted at him over the kitchen table. He slept on the couch that night, not knowing what to do. He had to leave the country. His visa was going to run out in a few weeks.

Macklemore listens as the rain taps the window and smiles to himself. For an hour, he feels like he’s back home again.

Director: Johnny Valencia Year: 2018


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