Video Review: Walk The Moon “Kamikaze”

Nicholas bends down on the blackened stage, the water reflecting over his body, as Walk The Moon performs.

Against an pearl background, A young man stares at the floor, his hands behind his head while a young woman sighs as she stands over him. She bends down and touches his knee. They get up together. She rolls her head around his chest. They dance together. She turns towards him and he runs his hand over her stomach.

The stage behind Walk The Moon is lit with thin aqua laser lights. Nicholas kicks the water.

Several people circle the young man and woman while they dance. They stand away from one another. The pearl background rotates between the thin aqua lit stage and the darkened background. The other dancers stand behind the young woman and thrust their heads back. She mimics the move by herself. In the lapis blue, she bends over and the young man touches her chin.

Walk The Moon continue to perform on the lapis blue stage. The laser lights switch to a burned orange and then back to the lapis.

The people spin as the hold the young woman over their heads. She returns to the young woman and they dance together again. The people form a line with the young woman facing them. She headbutts the second young woman and the people start to fall. The next person catches them. The last person in line, also a man, pushes the other people forward. She and the young man dance together by themselves.

The screen tilts as Sean plays the drums. on the lapis lit stage.

The dancers step into the water in silhouette on the lapis lit stage. Against the pearl background, the young woman folds the man’s hands and breathes hard as the people away.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman had loved the young man for a long time. He had posted on social media that he was going through a difficult time and needed to be alone. She texted him and asked him what was wrong. He explained that he found out his mother was terminally ill. She had suggested they meet for lunch. He thanked her for getting him out the house. They began to date.

However, people believed she was taking advantage of him. He was vulnerable and didn’t need a relationship in his life. She told them she was helping him while he was at the hospital tending to his mother. She asked them where they had been during the time. None of them had called or came by. They left her alone.

The death of his mother hit the young man hard. The conversations with him were curt. She came over his house and he yelled at her for cleaning up, saying he could do it himself. She had to let him go.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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