Video Review: Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”

In black-and-white, fans clap for Whitney Houston as she finishes performing her encore. She waves to the audience and steps off the stage.

Against a pink background, she claps her hands.

Continuing in black-and-white, a young couple runs hand-in-hand backstage. She thanks her band and waits by the door outside of the venue for her driver.

Wearing a lavender minidress, she sings against royal blue background. A young man bobs his head against multi-colored paint splattered background. A young man, wearing a suit, points to a DANCE neon sign above a club.

The color rotates between lapis, teal, yellow, and lime green on Houston sits on a chair on a minimalist stage. She watches a different man pirouettes as the color changes.

Wearing a black crop top and a tulle skirt, she jumps around by a mirror with neon cardinal red and kelly green swirls over it.

Against a coral background, she stands in a dressing room with two men beside her.

On sunny yellow lit minimalist stage, she claps her hands as  she stands outside the window as a young man dances around the room.

Wearing a moto jacket, white shirt and denim jeans, she leans against the building of the dance club, its multi-colored lights blinking next to her.

In the tulle skirt and crop top, she skips over to a young man.  Split into two film reels, she puts her arm around the young man.

Men dance around a graffitied wall as orange fireworks go off.  She dances in the center with them and then by herself.

Against a metallic background, wearing striped crop top and skirt, she cringes as a young man dances by her.

Confetti falls against a white background as she dances with several men, wearing a red, one shoulder dress, It changes to a black background.

She grins as she watches the shoeless sneakered feet dance by her on the checkered stage.

Against the metallic background, she pulls the rope and water drenches the man.

The two shirtless men open their changing room doors. She exits her room and laughs.

In the film reel, she dips the young man and then shakes him by his collar. She pushes him and he lands on the floor.

Back in black-and-white, the driver pulls up to the curb. She smiles and runs off to dance at Misteblues club.

Rating: 3/5

Whitney Houston thanks the crowd one last time. She watches as one of her dancers performs a move that usually makes her giggle. Her fans, knowing the goofy dancer’s interactions with her, roar with laughter. Her voice was on all night and she hit every note with ease. It was a perfect show. Backstage, she wipes her face from the sweat. However, she can’t stand still despite moving for two hours straight. Her dancers invite her to the Misteblues club afterwards. She says she might come. Her stomach growls and she has her assistant order her some food.

After eating. she waits for her driver outside the venue and watches as a line of people form to get inside Misteblues. The music booms and she taps her foot. She then sways side to side. As her driver pulls up, she tells him she’s going to go to the club rather than the hotel.

Inside her dancers wave her over to their table. They toast her and says it has been a fun tour for them. A female dancer takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor. The other dancers join them. She dances until she is out of breath and returns back to the hotel, exhausted.

Director: Brian Grant Year: 1987

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