Video Review: Ariana Grande “No Tears Left To Cry (Version 1)”

A boxy and metal city tilts, leading to a Victorian hallway inside a building. Ariana Grande leans against the flower shaped window. She lifts up the end of her hunter green skirt and walks on the ceiling. She pulls on her ponytail as she grabs onto a column and crashes into a lightbulb,

Suspended in a golden string of lights, she hangs onto the mesh and notices the tunnel.

The city tilts again. She walks on an extended fire escape, wearing a Ashton Michael Silk Charmeuse Dress, Stuart Weitzman Nudist platform sandals. She holds onto the railing as the camera moves backwards.

In the Victorian hallway, she sits in the corner of the ceiling and then walks onto the floor.

Standing on a pointed building, she loses her umbrella. Several men dance on the left side of the building, holding their umbrellas. She bends down in her Rosario Jacquard dress and the falls backwards.

Her lipstick shimmers on her reflected faces in the coral light. Then, the reflection zooms in on her lips.

On the ceiling, she removes her face and places it on the ground.

The men with the umbrellas dance with her on the pointed building.

By a right-sided lake, she watches the sunrise and throws a rock towards the mountain.

Rating: 4/5

Nothing is for certain in the current state of the country. Ariana Grande wakes up and realizes it continues to be night. Based on previous patterns, the atmosphere person predicted that it would be sunny. However, as she has learned, the city often breaks it pattern to keep its citizens off-kilter.

She mediates in the morning. It keeps her anxiety at bay. A neutral outlook usually nullifies the enhanced emotion inside the masks. A joyful mask, if her anxiety is high, could maker her hyper or downcast for the entire day. She exhales and puts on the joyful mask. She waits for the initial burst.

Buildings move at will, which is based upon an internal algorithm placed inside. The financial information is sent to the agency connected to the government. The government then determines the amount of employees necessary and then slides the building up or down as needed.

Parks and trees have become nonexistent. Each piece of land is considered a business transaction. If money can’t be made off of it, it closes down and a profitable company is built in its place. With companies on every inch of the land, having three jobs is considered normal in order to maintain a proper cost of living. Simple necessities such as groceries have become privatized, with fees attached to each product’s purchase. In her wallet, she takes out her credit card. It also doubles as her bank and contains her entire savings.

The depression sets in and she decides to sit by the right-sided lake to calm her. The current world leaves her on edge all the time as she waits for whatever extreme measures are taken to solve or create problems.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2018

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