Video Review: Jennifer Rush & Elton John “Flames of Paradise”

In downtown London, England, a pop art billboard of Elton John and Jennifer Rush hang on top of a building. Below on the sidewalk, people walk to work and the buses stop at the curb. A construction worker drills into the ground.

John, painted in navy blue, starts to sing. A man bets on a card game while a woman deals. A man washes the windows of a high-rise building. John’s glasses began to blink silver while Rush sings. Aqua pieces of confetti fly in her painting. John and Rush’s paintings combine into one as they dance with one another.

The man starts to dance on the ledge of the building. A second young man dances on the street as his girlfriend watches. A couple looks at the billboard from the restaurant. The man playing the card game stares at Rush and John while the woman swipes the card. People begin to point.

The painting changes to a bubblegum pink. The top of Rush’s hair is highlighted with electric blue.

A fourth man gets hit by another car. He gets out and shouts at the fifth man. The law enforcement officer tries to break up the fight between them but he gets shoved away. The fourth man kicks fender on the other car. In an office, a secretary bops in her chair while typing. The law enforcement officer begins to dance in the middle of the street.

John folds his arms as the painting changes to a candy red background.

People dance on the sidewalk and road. A  second construction worker pirouettes. A fifth man juggles fruit and bites into one while shopping at the market. The man on the ledge falls and crashes into a bar on the first floor. He dances on top of the bar.

Strips of color wear away from the painting. People stare down at the ground to dodge them. Several strips cause a man to fall into the lake. Rush and John tear out of the billboard, leaving a hole over their mouths. The people continue to dance. Their painted bodies hug, forming into melded sculpture.

Rating: 1/5

In the Andy Warhol pop art billboard, Elton John and Jennifer Rush are veteran superstars solidifying their fame as legends. John, wearing a indifferent expression, has seen the worst of what stardom has to offer. Rush, though, with her light blue background, has only seen her star steadily rise. She plans her imminent move to the United States and grateful to have John as a mentor.

As their backgrounds change, John owns the boisterous bright neon behind him, playing it up. At that point, he had been out for 11 years. If people still cared, that was on them. Rush’s delicate background, though, tempers it with a some splashes of confetti. However, she really wishes John would tone it down.

The people in London, though, think it’s cool to see celebrities singing in the animated painting. They have bought some mock silkscreen portraits of themselves in style of Warhol from vendors. Some people ask for a print of it. A columnist in a business magazines comments that the billboard’s shameless consumerism bluntly states that it’s a transaction than a song. “Sales quotas and metrics may as well be stipulated near  the signature of the faux Warhol.”

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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