Video Review: Charlie Puth & Kehlani “Done For Me”

Charlie Puth sits on golden silk sheets and then lets himself collapse on the bed.

A disco ball spins in a royal lit bar. He stares at Kehlani, who leans against the counter. She turns to him and puts her hands on his collarbone. Walking into her bedroom, she sits at her vanity and puts on lipstick.

Back at the club, he sits on a candy red lit couch situated next to the translucent squares on the dance floor.

Puth dances in front of the mirrors in a dance studio. In her room, Kehlani walks on her bed as she talks on the phone. Kehlani nuzzles Puth’s neck while sitting next to him on the couch.

Charlie Puth sings on the dance floor as Kehlani walks around him, touching his shoulders. A golden metallic curtain is behind them. The lights flash as Kehlani dances with a young woman. Kehlani sits in a heart-shaped jacuzzi. In his room, Puth tosses the phone and lies back on the bed again.

On the candy red lit dance floor, Kehlani bends down near the couch. Kehlani touches the young woman’s chin in the jacuzzi. She sits next to the young woman on the golden silk sheets. Kehlani lies across Puth in his bed.

The young woman plays with Kehlani’s ponytail while sit on the kelly green and ruby red squares on the dancefloor. Kehlani touches Puth’s chin as they sit on the squares.

Puth drives his Range Rover. Kehlani dances with Puth in the studio. Puth sits on the candy red lit couch as the camera tilts to the side.

Rating: 1/5

Kehlani cancelled another date. She said she forgot that she made plans with her best female friend. Charlie Puth rolled his eyes as she made the excuse and hung up. Kehlani is always hanging out with her best female friend. They go the movies and dinner. Sometimes, her friend comes over unexpected and Kehlani can’t talk.

However, he believes nothing is going on between Kehlani and her best female friend. He’s met her a few times and they were affectionate. But it wasn’t unusual behavior to him. They were like sisters. His friend, though, had mentioned if perhaps Kehlani was uncertain about her sexuality. Puth assured his friend his girlfriend was into guys.

Kehlani kisses her best female friend in the jacuzzi. Her best female friend giggles and they make out. She and her best female friend have been dating in secret for several months. She has no idea what to tell her parents or friends. She’s scared to tell Puth. He was a great guy and she was betraying him. Her best female friend tells her she’ll wait for her. Her phone beeps and it’s a text from Puth telling her to feel better. He asks if he can bring some soup over. She responds back with that she doesn’t want to eat anything at all.

Kehlani whispers to her best female friend in bed. The doorbell rings and Kehlani puts on her robe. It’s Puth with a bowl of soup. “You need to eat something.” He insists and hands her the container. “Thank you,” she says. He feels her forehead. “You don’t feel warm.” She holds her robe close to her, saying she didn’t have a temperature. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells her to call him again once she’s better. She says ok as she closes the door behind him.

Directors: RJ Sanchez & Brendan Vaughan Year: 2018

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