Video Review: Foxy Brown & Dru Hill “Big Bad Mama”

Dray (Bill Bellamy), a character from the film, “How To Be A Player,”  talks to his best friend, Kilo (Jermaine “Huggy” Hopkins), telling he wants a woman “that can turn a green light into a red.” He sees Katrina (Mari Morrow) with her sister (Vivica A. Fox.) Katrina tells her sister that Foxy better have the clothes pressed she dials her cellphone. Dray comes up behind them and sniffs their hair.

Brown answers the phone. Her sister wants to know if she got all the chores done. Brown answers yes otherwise she won’t be able to go to the ball. Her sister laughs and says “meet up at the ball.” Brown rolls her eyes. “Girl, you know you don’t have nothing to wear and you better not thinking about coming to the ball,” her sister tells her and snaps her phone shut. Dray kisses the sister’s hand.

Woody Rock Green of Dru Hill appears in the chair in Brown’s living room and asks her why she’s not going. She reiterates that she has nothing to wear. He says he’ll fix her. He creates three dresses for her, settling a canary yellow see-through lace top and hot pants.

Brown drives her truck to the ball. Various women flirt with Dray. The members of Dru Hill look into the camera at the banquet hall. Several women perform a routine for the guests. Brown walks up the steps in her stiletto heels. Dru Hill continue the routine.

Brown walks into the banquet hall and starts to rap while the dancers perform behind her.

Dray notices Brown and walks away from one of the sisters. In a clip, a young woman grabs Dray by the collar by a clothing rack. A second young woman kisses Dray.

Brown runs down the stairs. The sisters snap at one another and leave to go to opposite sides of the room. Dray chases after Brown and picks up her stiletto heel. He sniffs it.

Rating: 0/5

Dray is the heir to a fortune worth billions. His parents have decided he needs to settle down and pick a suitor. “What, like Cinderella!” he scoffs. They nod and plan a ball centering around their son as the guest of honor. They called up a former teacher to give a speech and the volunteer coordinator at the hospital. Dray didn’t make it past orientation. However, they needed someone to vouch for their son’s good qualities.

Dray has no interest in being in a serious relationship. He has an estimated total of about 75 women he has slept with. There are several women he rotates with on the weekends. Everyone knows the deal. However, he has gotten two women pregnant. His parents pay them off every month with child support if they promise not to talk.

At the ball, he spots Foxy Brown and falls in love with her at first sight. Brown, however, is grateful to have a chance to get out of the house. Her sisters order her around and make her do their chores. It was her fairy godfather who convinced her to go. After a long search, Dray arrives at Brown’s house. Her sisters claim no one names Foxy lives there. They have the wrong house and suggest he go to another state to find her. Brown overhears and runs down the steps. Her sisters shove Dray on the floor. Brown pushes them off and kisses Dray. Dray and Brown become the premiere couple of the city.

Director: N/A Year: 1997


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