Video Review: Jamie Foxx & T-Pain “Blame It”

Jake Gyllenhaal and Forest Whitaker park their cars at an exclusive club in Los Angeles, California. Jamie Foxx rides with Ron Howard.

Inside the harsh rose lit club, Samuel L. Jackson smokes a cigarette with Dawn Richard next to him. Bill Bellamy talks to someone. Whitaker, Gyllenhaal and Howard exit their cars.

In the corner, Foxx sings, watching the bartender pouring endless drinks. A man, wearing a panda head, dances in the middle of the floor. Foxx corners a young woman and touches her face.

In the group, LeToya smiles as Foxx dances. Tatyana Ali sits at a table and pushes back a strand of her. Quincy Jones toasts with some friends. Ashley Scott and Dawn Richard kiss Foxx on the cheek. Scott and Richard pretend to kiss one another. Morris Chestnut talks with Ali. Girl group Electrik Red dance with man with the panda head. Someone pours liquor into Scott’s mouth.

T-Pain raps alongside Foxx on the dancefloor. Cedric The Entertainer stands next to T-Pain. Garrett Morris drinks from his glass at the counter. Whitaker, Howard and Jackson raise their glasses to one another from their spots. Money drops from the ceiling, Foxx grabs the bills.

Foxx removes the panda head and takes a deep breath.

Rating: 1/5

The gossip reporter orders another drink and sighs. According to her source, there was going to be an informal meeting at the club of some major Hollywood players. However, the only person she’s seen is Samuel L. Jackson, who keeps glaring at her. She turns her head away.

Unknown pop girl Electrik Red run over to her and start talking to her about their latest project. She gives them her business card and says she’ll pitch the story to her boss. While getting her drink, she bumps elbows with Tatyana Ali and tells her she loved on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Morris Chesnutt asks her how she’s doing. She says she’s here for work. They chat for a bit. Chesnut gives her some off-the-record information. She says it’ll stay between them.

She sips her drink and sees Jake Gyllenhaal, Ron Howard, Forest Whitaker and Jamie Foxx walk inside. She watches them search for a table. Ashley Scott walks over to them and she raises her eyebrows. Was Scott trying to get into an Oscar bait movie? She jots it down on her notes. Scott was an up and comer. Perhaps she was looking for a small role. Howard and Gyllenhal whisper to one another. She scrawls on her notepad again. LeToya stops by and gives her a hug. They catch up and she mentions Foxx may produce a song on her new album. She squeals and says it may be the commercial breakthrough she needs. The gossip reporter nods and tells LeToya that she wishes it works out for her.

On Monday, she sums up her evening for her boss. She talks about Electrick Red (“Who?”her boss asks) and after explaining who they are, she moves onto to LeToya. Her boss tells her to schedule an interview. She mentions the Howard and Gyllenhaal meeting and that’s she planning to talk to her source again to see if he can confirm anything. Her boss tells her good job and she returns back to her desk.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 2009


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