Video Review: Kylie Minogue & Gente De Zona “Stop Me From Falling (Version 2)”

Kylie Minogue sits in a restaurant in Havana, Cuba and talks with her boyfriend as they wait for their meal. She laughs at one of his jokes while the guitarist plays in the corner. She turns her head to watch the guitarist the play.

She and the guitarist laugh while they sit in their lounge chairs on the beach. They hold hands. The server lifts her up and she tosses his tray. She and the server dance on the beach.

A young man catches her as she wears a red dress. He begins to clap with her on the street. Several people join them in a dance routine. Gente De Zona spots her as they watch from their balcony. They wave their hands in the air.

Minogue and several female dancers perform a routine at the counter of a bar. After shaking their hips and hair, they and the crowd point to Gente De Zona by the entrance. The point wave between Minogue and Gente De Zona continues a couple of times. Minogue and the dancers flip their hair and blow Gente De Zona a kiss.

Wearing fuchsia sequined dress, Minogue dances and claps around a fountain with other people. Back at the bar, Minogue and the female dancers perform on top of the counter while confetti falls. She falls backwards and several men catch her.

Rating: 5/5

Kylie Minogue returns home from her shift as working for a tour operator. She drinks some water after talking about the art of Havana all day. Her phone beeps and she responds to her boyfriend’s text and meets him at a restaurant for dinner. She tells him about her day and meets the eye of the guitarist. She dumps her boyfriend and starts to date the guitarist. However, she and the server strike up a conversation at the beach and she leaves the guitarist. In Cuba, there is no need for her to settle down.

Soon, her work visa will be up and she’ll have to return back to the United Kingdom. The year off from her life has been great. She has gone out with some handsome men and had fun. She learned a new language and volunteered in Haiti. On a vacation, she and some of her European friends met up in the Bahamas and sailed on a cruise. Seeing her friends reminded her of much she missed home. When she came back on vacation, her current boyfriend asked her about her plans for next month. His cousin was getting married. She said she would go. However, during her breaks, she checks the prices of flights back home. Once the price becomes acceptable, she’s clicking the purchase button and calling her family back home to let them know of her arrival.

The divorce had been hard on her. It been her decision to leave, though. Her husband offered to come with her wherever she wanted to go. But she told him he couldn’t. It was something she had to do her own. For most of her life, she had been married or in a serious relationship. A man has always taken care of her. In Cuba, though, she dated but didn’t stay long. She wanted to be her own person.

Director: Sophie Muller  Year: 2018

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