Video Review: Shawn Mendes “In My Blood”

With one arm on his chest, Shawn Mendes lies on an olive-green painted brick wall. Pieces of gravel begin hitting the wall and breaking in two around him. He puts his hand out as the snow flurries fall. The flurries break into a high-speed gust before becoming a thundering rainstorm. In the late evening, the sun peeks through for a split second as it sets for the day.

Moss grows within the brick. He puts both hands on his chest as the daisies bloom next to him. He rests his right hand on a couple of daisies on the grassy brick.

Rating: 3.5/5

Life had to get better. Shawn Mendes had been dealing with a sick father for months and trying to balance work and school. Although his mother urged him to stay in school, he left and told her he couldn’t do it while his father was in the hospital. He wanted to be by his side. He promised his mom he’ll return to school once everything calms down.

However, his boss has been giving him problems about taking too much time off. He has explained about his father but his boss doesn’t care. He had no choice but to quit. His mom yelled at him for hours, saying his father wouldn’t want to him to give up. His hands shaking, he went into his bedroom and cried. Nothing was going to be okay.

In the spring, though, his father began to recover. The infection had been contained and didn’t spread to any organs. as he had feared. His father was going to be coming home within the week. His mother handed him the course schedule and said it’s time for him to go back to school. A friend was able to help him with a job. Slowly, life was normal becoming normal. The worst was over.

Director: Jay Martin Year: 2018

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