Video Review: Sweet Sensation “If Wishes Came True”

A car drives on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, New York. Betty wakes up in her bare apartment and watches the rain tap on her skylight. She thinks of when her and ex-boyfriend took a walk during a light rainstorm. He held his umbrella over them as they walked on the hiking trail.

Betty, Sheila and Margie, all wearing black dresses, move their arms against an azure background. Rain falls behind them.

Betty looks at the Himalaya ride as she walks around Coney Island. She thinks of him kissing her neck while they rode train to the other side of the park. On the same rainy day, they braved the dreary weather and walked.

Wearing a white nightgown, she walks to her window in her apartment and holds the bracelet he gave her in her palm.

In her backyard, Sheila bites her sunglasses as she talks with Margie at the table. He smiles at her from the grill and she puts her hand over her mouth as she laughs. She flicks her bracelet while they talk by the bushes. He gives her a hug. At the lake, they watch two sailboats move in the water. They kiss. Back at her apartment, she clutches the bracelet in her hand and makes a fist.

Rating: 2/5

The rain beats down on Betty LeBron’s skylight, rousing her awake. A tear rolls down her cheek as she thinks of how her ex-boyfriend helped her become optimistic. On their first date, she told him she dealt with things in a realistic way. “You mean disappointment?” As he cut up his steak, he asked her point blank, “what did you think about going on a date with me?” She shrugged and answered that she wanted to give him a chance. However, if it didn’t go past the first date, then she would move forward as she had done in the past. He touched her chin and said a second date was going to happen, then a third and a fourth. He didn’t intend to leave.

He had been her friend first. He knew her history with other guys and what she had gone through. Although she believed a relationship with him would be possible, the possibility of rejection stayed on her mind. He got out her out of bed on stormy mornings and pushed her to try. With his guidance, she found another job and was able to buy an apartment in an upper middle class area.

A month without him, though and she has become bitter. The apartment now seems like an extravagant purchase. The money could’ve gone towards several vacations. Her new job as a manager seemed to be beyond her abilities. Her team hated her. She knew it. Everyday, she waited for her boss to say her team was failing. However, he continued to praise her. Unsettled and alone, she retraces her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, wanting to feel the happiness again.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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