Video Review: Boy Meets Girl “Waiting For A Star To Fall”

Through a sepia filter, a giant bubble flies past some trees. George runs on the sand. Shannon skips behind him and then walks in front of him. George leans on the fence. A bucket of water splashes him. Shannon pushes him towards the ocean. Two little girls reach for the bubble. It pops.

Inside the house, George plays the piano while Shannon sits across from him. Wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress, Shannon dances around the piano as he sings. Outside, the little blonde girl pops the bubble. Shannon cuddles in George’s arms as they sit in their sunroom.

On the couch, George holds the camera over them and takes a picture. In a field of flowers, Shannon walks towards him and takes off his hat. She puts it on her head. Shannon smiles as she admires the picture he took of them. In the field, she tosses him hat back to him.

Three little girls catch a beach ball.

Shannon rides a bike in the family room. She sits with him on the piano bench and reaches over to tap some keys. Outside, George pours water over his head. Shannon and George wring out a dusty blanket. A little boy, holding a popsicle, raises an arm to get the beach ball. Shannon and George walk by the ocean.

Rating: 3/5

George and Shannon walk on the beach, arm-in-arm. Shannon points to their daughter, who presses the button the bubble maker. She joins two of her friends as they chase after the bubble. “Mama! Daddy! Did you see? I got the bubble!” She shouts to them after she pops it. Shannon nods and tells her good job. George gives his daughter a kiss and says they’ll be inside. Their nanny drinks her tea as she sits at the picnic table.

Inside the family room of their summer home, George and Shannon decide to run through the song they’ve been working on. George makes corrections as they go. Shannon dances and sings. She gives him a kiss and tells him it’s her favorite song of theirs. Patting him on the shoulder, she says she wants to take a break. She’s out of breath.

George goes outside and grabs the beach ball. He runs around with the kids. Shannon skips by the ocean and drinks some wine in the sunroom. The nanny asks her what time she wants dinner. Shannon shrugs and says she’s going to make it tonight and she’s welcome to stay. As Shannon chops up vegetables, she asks the nanny about the kids and what they did. The nanny takes a sip of her soda and says they mostly played outside for most of the afternoon. She put the kids down for a nap for a little while. The nanny asks about the song and says she liked what she heard so far. Shannon tells her that she thinks it could be a hit. She puts the mixes the salad in the bowl, saying “but it’s all up to the label.”

Director: Claudia Castle Year: 1988

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