Video Review: Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey “The Middle (Version 2)”

Maren Morris, in a black crop top and pants, closes her eyes as cobalt light shines on her. Zedd watches Morris as he plays on the keyboard. With white laser lights blinking behind her, Morris begins to sing as the screen tilts.

Lit in cobalt, Grey play their guitars and drums. Morris sways from left to right as the fuchsia light reflects on her. Grey continue to play as lime and fuchsia lights flash.

The lights turn a scarlet red as Zedd sings into his microphone. The screen tilts at a quick pace, blurring the lasers lights behind Morris. Morris, eyes closed again, turns left to Zedd and Grey while she sings. The fuchsia and cobalt light shines on her as she faces the right.  She moves her arms up in the air as she dances, lit in algae.

Lit in sunrise orange, Zedd sways at his keyboard as Morris pumps her arms. She turns to left, staring into the glimpse of light. The screen tilts as a member of Grey plays the guitar. Morris points and then lets her arm dangle after singing.

Rating: 4/5

Within the narrow point of view, the flashes of light hold the power to stretch or tighten the space. Zedd seems to have been given the corner office part of the stage. He is able to move without bumping into anyone. However, he keeps a close eye on Morris, concentrating on the notes as she sings and tapping on his keyboard. He is the first to be drenched in color as the lights rotate.

However, the rotating lights seem to shorten Grey’s part of the stage. While they play, they have to take turns moving their arms. The white laser lights, though, extend the section, creating a wide berth between Zedd and Maren Morris.

Morris, though, seems to be placed in the center, boxing her into her own section. She turns to face Zedd, at a certain point, wanting to be closer to him. The flashing lights move toward her last. But the she seems to find a window on the other side of the stage. She stares into it, creating an illusion of a large theater with Victorian windows.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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