Video Review: Basia “Cruising For Bruising”

From the window, Basia watches as Danny pulls up the driveway and get his suitcase out of the trunk. She turns away as he walks to the front door.

She leans against the door frame and he gives her a kiss on the cheek. She stays in the study while he sifts through the cassettes and books in the family room. He flips the pages of a book and tosses it in his suitcase.

Holding a lapis umbrella, Basia stands in the forest.

Danny plays the piano.

During the evening, she presses her hand to the window as she watches a young woman rolling her eyes as she waits in the passenger seat. She leans against the wall in the study and listens to him play. She walks him to the driveway and watches him leave. He stares at her as he steers the wheel. She turns around and he stops the car. He gives her a hug.

An hour later, her new boyfriend arrives and puts her arm around her as they walk to the door.

Rating: 3/5

Basia stacked her ex-boyfriend Danny’s books and cassettes into a pile in the family room. He was going to come over in a couple of hours to pick them up. Her new boyfriend gave her a kiss and asked her what time he was coming over. “In a half hour.,” she answered. He put some money his wallet and commented, “it’s as though he’s looking for an excuse to see you again. I’ll be out of here in a few minutes.”

Her heart flipped as she saw Danny walk out of his car with his suitcase. His lips on her cheek was familiar and soft. In silence, he went through the boxes and took what was his. She held back tears as he played the piano. The high-pitched honks from the car startled her. He ignored it and continued to play. She walked to the window and watched his impatient girlfriend press the buttons on the stereo, blaring it as loud as she could. He thanked her for allowing him to pick up his stuff. He asked her how she was doing as they walked to his car. He kept his eyes locked on her as he put the car in reverse. However, he stopped the engine and ran up to hug her. She didn’t want to let him go.

In his arms, the impact of a decade between them lingered. It wouldn’t be erased through a  Although they were both with other people, she believed it was a temporary farewell. He whispered goodbye to her as he walked back to his car. Back turned, she let the tears roll down her cheek, unable to watch him leave her life.


Director: N/A Year: 1990

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