Video Review: Ed Sheeran “Happier”

Puppet Ed Sheeran stands at his garbage can, holding a bag of trash, and heaves a sigh. Across the street he sees his Balloon ex-girlfriend and new Muppet boyfriend having breakfast. They both laugh.

A couple of months ago, he and his Balloon ex-girlfriend had dinner at La Barbacha. She fades from her seat as he holds his fork to his plate of refried beans and rice.

He looks down and enters his apartment. He leans against the blinds, remembering the time she popped her fingers on his cactus plant.

He sits at a table, drinking whiskey and pretzels, in a scarlet lit bar.

He walks to his liquor bottle littered windowsill and sees them on their date. He draws a heart on the window with his finger and then lies down on the floor, covered in photographs of them in the dark.  He fantasizes about running across the street and punching the Muppet boyfriend out. He bangs Muppet boyfriend’s head on the white linen tablecloth.

At the scarlet lit bar, he rests his head on the counter and runs his hand on it. In the afternoon, he sits on top of an old couch and busks. A handwritten sign next to him reads: Heartbroken and Unhappier.

He sniffs some red flowers at the flower shop and asks the clerk for her opinion on a balloon bouquet. While some balloons fall, he dances with her on the sidewalk.

Two little girls see his Balloon ex-girlfriend tied with a ribbon to the railing. One of the little girls walks to untie the ribbon and he shouts at them to go. Inside the bar, he watches as maroon and yellow balloons fall from the ceiling.

He stands up on a pile of garbage in a smoky alley. At the bar, he tries to pop the balloons decorating the tables.

Muppet boyfriend lets her dangle in the air as he holds a small of piece of ribbon within his fingers. Puppet Ed watches as the Muppet boyfriend lets her go. His balloon ex-girlfriend screams. He puts his head into his hands.

Rating: 4/5

As a puppet, with felt fabric for skin, Ed Sheeran knew the small dangers in every object in his house. However, he liked cupping the cactus in his hands as he moved it. It gave him a sense of control. He ventured to bars and restaurant, knowing nothing was safe. While out, he noticed a young Balloon balloon almost pierce her foot on a tree limb. He climbed up the bench and cut it off for her. She told him thank you. They started to talk and he asked her out on a date.

They often ate breakfast at a restaurant across the street from his house. She was a delightful person. He feed her some food and learned to pay attention to any loose sharp objects strewn on the ground or in the store. However, he forgot about his apartment. She was asking about his cactus, saying she hadn’t ever seen one before. She came closer it and it took off her hand. He blew some air into her body as he felt her deflate. After putting a band-aid over the holes in her hand, he told her to rest. He visited the flower shop to get her a get well bouquet.

She didn’t talk to him after the accident at his house. A couple of months later, he started seeing her at the restaurant with a Muppet. The Muppet,with its large wide-set button eyes, seemed shifty. He watched in horror as the Muppet let her slip from his grasp and fly in the sky. It was a death sentence for her. As he sits in the dark in his apartment, he can still hear her shrill scream.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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