Video Review: Bebe Rexha “Ferrari”

Wearing a red moto jacket, a cropped Los Angeles t-shirt and red leather pants, Bebe Rexha stands with her back turned the skyline in California late at night. She shakes her head as the wind begins to blow. Leaning against a red Ferrari, she takes off her jacket and throws it. Several women, wearing red jumpsuits, sit next to her.

She paces around the front of the car and then sits on the hood, crossing her legs. The women lean against the trunk and backseat. She walks to the driver’s seat and puts both hands on the steering wheel. She presses her body alongside the car and slips down to the pavement. She walks around for a bit and then places her hand on the car. The women stand next to her. She bends down and they follow her.

Rating: 3/5

Bebe Rexha suggested going out in her dream car, a Ferrari, with some of her girlfriends. They all answered with a resounding yes. She told them she was planning to wear mostly red. As she picked them up, she noticed each one had a variation of a red outfit. Her friends each gush about her car. She tells as she struggled, she watched people speed by on the expressway as she returned home from her low-paying job. She said she would own one someday. They nod. None of them ask what she did before. She doubts that they care.

Her friends say they look up to her and ask about fashion advice. However, they are lonely friendships for her. They are sycopants who go along with whatever she says. They are afraid to disagree with her, lest they miss out on the champagne service at the club. She told her friends they weren’t going to the club. They were simply going to park and stare at the skyline. They muttered disappointed “okay’s” and put on a smile.

As she looks into the skyline, she thinks of the years she passed by the area and only stopped for gas. She couldn’t afford to shop in the stores or eat at the restaurants. Now, she owns a home a couple of miles away and has a closet full of clothes bought from the shops on Melrose Avenue. She knows the flight attendants at LAX after flying to numerous spots all over the world. One of her friends says they love Los Angeles and it’s a wonderful city. She shrugs and says it’s okay. Her friend nods, answering, “it does have its flaws.”

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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