Video Review: Sade “No Ordinary Love”

Sade, a mermaid, sits on a rock on the bottom of the sea. She lifts up her gold sequined fin and rests her head on her thighs. A young sailor drops in the water. She sees him and puts her arms around him. They kiss.

She reads a magazine. A man proposes to his girlfriend in the glamorous Hollywood photo accompanying the article. She sews a white dress and drapes it over her fin. She swims to the surface.

On land, she has become human. She tosses rice in the air and walks wearing her wedding dress. She stops at a bar and sits at the counter. The female bartender gives her some salt. Sade pours the salt into the glass. She runs barefoot through the city and returns to the dock with some bottled water. She drinks her water and waits.

Rating: 5/5

Another boat moves in the water. She covers her mouth to prevent breathing in the smoke. The fish scurry away. A young man flails his arms and swims to the side. She finds him and kisses him. He was a beautiful human, similar to the men she read about in her discarded magazines. She hugs him, giving his body some warmth and holds his blue hands. She sits him down on her rock as the oxygen fills up in his body again. Breathing into his mouth, she swims up to the surface with him and leaves him on the dock.

She had no reason to want to be human. They were dirty creatures as they littered and looted the ocean. Oil spills from engines tainted the livable areas. The pollution suffocated the fish she relied on for protection. She had to bite through various nets in order to stay alive. However, the young sailor was unlike the man with gas masks she spotted cutting pieces of the reef. According to her magazine, he was a hero, serving others as he fought for his country. As he closed his eyes and sank further to the bottom, she knew had to save him.

She created a wedding dress to let him know of her feelings and then searched for him on land. Sailors often hung out in bars. However, he wasn’t there. She decided to run back to the dock. He would return to her. A fortysomething woman asks her if she’s okay. She squeaks out a sound. The fortysomething woman inches away. She takes out her magazine and points to the man. The woman pats her shoulder and offers her some tissue. Some people hand her money. She stretches out and falls asleep. Two women lead her to a wooden shelter after finding her shivering in the cold. They hand her a meal of some hot chicken and mashed potatoes. She thanks them as she eats. Her eyes dart back and forth as she continues to search for him. She doesn’t want him to miss her.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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  1. I’ve had a bittersweet love for this song and music video for years. It’s so beautiful yet so sad. I hate sad endings. The story can be sad, but it must have a hopeful, not necessarily a happy, ending. I wish in the end she found a kind (and handsome) merman to help Sade forget about us fickle humans.

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