Video Review: Miguel, J Cole, Salaam Rami “Come Through And Chill”

A director hits clapboard. A young woman smiles as she stands on a circular platform. Miguel sips on his drink and watches her perform. J Cole, a few hours later, raps into a pay phone. The young woman sits in her dressing room and puts on some makeup. Cole sits on a bed.

The young woman stretches at a studio. Cole sits in the dressing room. The young woman begins to dance in front of the mirror. Against a copper background, Miguel sits on a chair. Miguel relaxes on his bed. In a split screen, the young woman crawls on Miguel’s bed.

A second young woman kisses Miguel as they walk around in New York City. In a split screen, Miguel sits on a chair to his left and to the right, he stands, wearing a tan suit against a sliding red looped background. Miguel answers his phone while he’s with the second young woman. In the dance studio, the first young woman tells him that she’s looking forward to their date. He responds that he’s “leaving soon.” The second young woman kisses him as she puts the phone down.

The director hits his clapboard again. Against the red looped background, several young men introduce themselves to Miguel. The second young woman watches the first young woman perform on the circular perform. In a split screen, Miguel sits up close to the stage as the first young woman dances.

In a second split screen, two women crawl in Miguel’s bed to the left as J Cole raps on the right of the screen.

Miguel leaves with both women.

Rating: 1/5

The young woman brushed by Miguel and waved on the way to her dressing room. Miguel waves back and puts on his glasses. He talks to his manager and tells him he wants to be involved with the filming of the dance scene. His manager says he’ll run it by the director.

Two minutes later, the assistant calls for him and says the director is ready for him now. He takes his place in the chair and tips his glasses as he watches her. In between takes, he nuzzles her neck and kisses her. There is no mention of his girlfriend. He texts her as the young woman stands next to him during lunch. The young woman says she’s going on tour soon with a pop star. As she prattles on, he takes a seat at the table.

While filming, his girlfriend shows up. The first young woman notices her but says nothing. The girlfriend says she’s pretty and offers the young woman a ride back home. Miguel talks to another woman while on the phone in the car. Everyone knows the rules. The relationships are temporary. Tomorrow, he’ll be in another city. He and his girlfriend have an open relationship and an agreement to date whomever they choose once they apart. The young woman can use him as a reference or maybe they’ll meet again, Either way, there aren’t any hard feelings for anyone involved.

Director: Kevin Calero Year: 2018

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