Video Review: Fifth Harmony “Miss Movin’ On”

Against a cotton candy coated background, Camila frames her hands around her face. At the San Diego County Fair, Ally Brooke, Lauren, Normani, Camila and Dinah Jane meet by the ticket booth. Camila takes a photo of her and her ex-boyfriend out of her pocket. Normani takes off her ex-boyfriend’s varsity jacket and drops it on the ground. Dinah Jane changes her relationship status on social media to single.

Lauren sings against the cotton candy coated background.

Ally Brooke drops a necklace her ex-boyfriend gave her. Camila tears up the photo. They give each other high-fives.

Fifth Harmony perform on stage.

Camila hands out the tickets.

Normani and Dinah Jane sing against the cotton candy coated background.

In the evening, Normani waves to a friend. Camila and Normani crash into each other while driving on the bumper cars ride. Lauren nods at Camila, who wins the ring toss game. Camila hugs the giant stuffed teddy bear. They stop at the food court. Dinah Jane calls out her order to the young man in the booth. They all dance outside the game section of the park. Dinah Jane throws some popcorn at the young man inside the booth.

They walk towards the ferris wheel. Lauren and Dinah Jane ride together. Normani waves to them. They exit the ride and Lauren smiles at a 18-year-old guy wearing a basketball jersey and upturned hat. Lauren waves at Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke, Normani and Camila while she rides the ferris wheel with the 18-year-old guy. They cheer her on as they watch.

The fireworks go off as they continue to dance. Normani blows a kiss and they walk towards the parking lot together.

Rating: 5/5

Lauren, for the past week, has consoled her best friends about guys. Normani’s ex-boyfriend has already bought another varsity jacket. Ally Brooke has overheard her ex-boyfriend’s new girl bragging about the bracelet he bought her. Camila talks to her ex-boyfriend between classes. Dinah Jane won’t acknowledge her breakup online. Lauren told them to bring one thing from their last relationship to the fair. They are going to trash it and start over.

It was the girl’s day they all needed. While they waited in line, Normani said she missed the time they spent together. They, with the exception of Lauren, had been occupied by their relationships. Some had double dated on a few nights. However any free time was with their boyfriends. Camila, though, had taken her breakup hard. She had been with her boyfriend the longest. Her boyfriend became one of their best friends. However, he had cheated on her with another classmate. Camila cried for weeks. To see her flirting with the guy working the food booth was a relief for all of them. They knew she was going be okay.

However, Lauren wasn’t expecting to meet anyone herself. She hadn’t been in a relationship for over a year. However, she really liked the 18-year-old guy. He was a classmate of theirs. Dinah Jane had been pushing the 18-year-old guy to talk to Lauren. She cheered for Lauren and the guy as they rode the ferris wheel. They texted her to call them later with the details.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2013


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