Video Review: Kacey Musgraves “Space Cowboy”

Kacey Musgraves puts her arms around her boyfriend in their bedroom as they sun sets. She looks out the window as she dries the dishes in the kitchen. Sitting cross-legged in her bed, she stares at the pattern of the bedspread.

With the lights dimmed, she sits at the kitchen table alone with a two lit candles and a glass of wine.

From the kitchen window, she watches as he gets on his horse. He looks at her before he takes off. She holds up her hair as she gets inside the bathtub. He eventually sits down at the kitchen table with her. With her elbows placed on the table, she rests her hands below her chin. They both get up at the same time, facing one another. He tries to kiss her but she moves her head away.

He continues to ride on the street while a storm brews in the sky.

She sits on the windowsill in her room, staring at the sunrise. A butterfly flies off the tip of her finger.

Her boyfriend stops to view the storm clouds in the sky and then continues to ride. She watches the butterfly as it flutters to the roof.

Rating: 4/5

The affair was inevitable. He was not the type to stay around for long. It was a warning Kacey Musgraves should’ve heeded as he moved his things into their new home. “Someday, I may leave,” he told her, “the ring is a promise of what I can offer you now. It doesn’t guarantee a future.”

She held onto the promise for as long as she could. While putting her groceries on the conveyor belt, the 22-year-old smirked at her. As she scanned the prime rib, she asked her, “special occasion?” She nodded her head yes and picked through her purse for change. Her ring glistened in the sun as she carried the groceries to the car, blinding her to his flaws. The cashier only had heard rumors. However, in the small town, she had been able to put together pieces of conversation to figure out the cashier was his new love.

She waited for him at dinner. He walked in, combative from the start. She asked him where he was. He moved in to kiss her and she backed off. He shouted that he didn’t owe her an explanation and that their relationship was temporary. It could end at anytime. She asked him if it was the end. He said yes and rode off on his horse.

From the window of her bedroom, she watches as the rabbits hop and bite the grass. She views the squirrels darting from tree to tree. Her dog comes over to sit by her and cuddle. She kisses him on the head and scratches his chin. The ring reflects upon the window and she puts it in the drawer.

Director: Chris Hicky Year: 2018

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