Video Review: Bazzi “Honest”

A single red rose hangs in the air of an azure lit room. A woman walks past a backwards television. On screen, palm trees line the street.

Underneath low azure light, Bazzi sings in a room. As the light flashes to a carnal red, a young woman sits in a car.  In a warehouse, Bazzi and the young woman stand apart in opposite directions. On the azure lit street, Bazzi turns around. She rests her arms on the television.

Bazzi sits on a yellowed couch in the warehouse. The rose turns in the neon violet light. As gray smoke filters the room, she raises her arm and he takes her hand. They stand next to each other.

A second young woman floats under water. She kicks her legs.

The young woman lies in a teal lit bathtub. Bazzi closes his eyes as he stands by the beige wall. The young woman sits on a pedestal. looking at two empty frames. In the frame to the left, she hugs her arms as smoke drifts by her.

The young woman wakes up in the bathtub and squints. A silver streak of lightning tears across the flaming orange sky. Bazzi observes the change in the sky.

Rating: 0/5

The young woman was revived in the hospital room. Bazzi and his current girlfriend take a deep breath. His current girlfriend puts her arm around his shoulder and tells him it’s not his fault. He sighs and rubs his forehead. On the phone, a former friend writes in a text, “She’s going to be okay, in case you cared.” He put his phone down and  asked his current girlfriend to leave.

Although he knows he shouldn’t ask, he wants to see how she’s doing. However, he casts the idea aside. A visit to the hospital may exacerbate the situation. It may give her hope that he wanted to get back together with her. It would only be to ease his conscience.

In her note, he found out, she wrote that the death of the single rose, with its wilted petals, was too much to bear. Without a word from him, the rose was simply a dead plant without any significance. The betrayal cut into her until she could no longer breathe.

He picks up his phone and texts his friend for more information. His current girlfriend calls him and he blocks the call.

Director: Miggy Year: 2018


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