Video Review: Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa “One Kiss”

Dua Lipa, wearing a navy blue robe, turns her leg while she stands against a green screen. Plastic palm trees sway on the stage.

The sun rises as she dances by a pile of sand. Magenta petals on a flower bloom as she sits in the center of the plant. Wearing an oversized straw hat, she lies on some fluffy white rug. Several female dancers join her by the pile of the sand.

She bends her knees by the palm trees as several women, wearing teal sequined crop tops and pants, dance around her.

Calvin Harris, in a suit and dress pants, sits on a lounge chair at the pool.

Wearing an eggplant pantsuit and sunglasses, she watches as a multi-colored dragon puppet moves its head while sits in the lounge chair. A puppet big with giant eyes dances by Harris.

She stands on diving board at the pool while the women raise their legs as they sit on the patio. She sits on the diving board while Harris carries a martini on a tray behind her.

In the navy blue robe, Lipa bobs her head and the image freezes into a photo. Below it, the women dance with the big eyes from the puppet on their head. A multi-colored puppet flies in the sky.

Lipa lies on a bubbled window. The flower is dyed canary yellow and then royal blue. She bites into an appetizer at the pool while Harris stands next to her.

The director turns the camera towards him and shuts it off.

Rating: 4/5

Wearing the sequined outfits and pantsuits, it was as though Dua Lipa was a character from a mid-80s primetime soap opera. She envisioned her backstory as a wealthy  twentysomething socialite forgotten by her oil tycoon father and pill popping mother. Her father’s rival had a son who had fallen for her. She tried to tell to him to leave but she kissed him at the pool. The server had seen everything. However, he had signed a non-disclosure agreement to not report anything he saw on the property.

Shady figures have walked into her home and one attacked her while she was out with her friends. In a panic, she called Harris to pick her up. She fell asleep on his lap in the limousine as they drove home. She began to push the young man away from her and sneak time to spend with Harris.

Her parents had an interest in puppets. They were displayed in the backyard and throughout several room in the mansion. Growing up, she thought they were toys and had been punished for touching one. Her parents had fired the nanny watching her and limited her to a small set of toys. In the home, each object was a collectible. At age 10, she began to shop with her mother and only bought designer clothing. She watched as her mother demanded the clothes in several sizes and then drop them on the floor. She swore she wouldn’t be like her.

Her parents told her school wasn’t necessary. She was going to inherit their millions. However, she saw as her brother laundered money and cheated his investors out their money. The family business wasn’t going to be around forever.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2018

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