Video Review: Cyndi Lauper “True Colors”

A full moon shines on stage. Cyndi Lauper raises her arms and starts to rap on the drum. She picks up the flower next to her and holds it in her hands.

On the beach, three children build a sandcastle. She throws the flower from the stage onto the sand. The children chase after it. The eight-year-old girl with a rainbow headdress finds it in a cave. The eight-year-old girl walks to the lake and smiles as she watches the sun rise. In the canoe, a Caucausian woman and African-American woman sip tea. They touch the water and see Lauper’s face reflected in it.

Wearing a golden headdress, matching bra top and skirt, she stands on the sand and puts the seashell to her ear. She places it on the rock. She sleeps on a white sheet on stage. She reaches for the sheet and sees the man above pulling it.

On the beach, she slides on a half sunk car and cleans her hands in the teal sea. The man who pulled the sheet rises from the water and sits close to her. He runs his hand along her arm while their image turns magenta and aqua. They kiss.

Hugging her arms, she walks on the beach, wearing a denim jacket and newspaper print skirt. She passes by a clock, globe and a college graduate teaching the young children. She rests her head on the frozen pastel lake.

Back on stage, she raps on the drum. She raises her arms again.

Rating: 2/5

Cyndi Lauper stays active in her community and wants to improve it.¬† After graduating from college, she began working at a literacy non-profit. She started making phone calls to people’s homesm, asking for donations and helping schools with fundraisers. She eventually developed a program for at-risk children. A little girl once hugged her and thanked her for starting it. The little girl’s mother told her she was doing better in school.

However, she saw an Caucuasian mutter a racist comment about an African-American woman next to her in line. She extended her hand to the African-American woman and talked to her for a few moments. The comment stung her and she wanted the woman to know she had support.

While setting up the program, she met a young man who was in a band. He was a volunteer. Although her parents seemed wary of him, they soon realized he was a good man who only wanted the best for her. They saw her perform at his shows. They even joined her to another state to watch his band open a concert.

Her positive attitude was due to her parents. They encouraged her to give everyone a chance. She thinks of how if she had stereotyped some of her friends or husband. She would’ve passed up on some wonderful memories.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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