Video Review: Kelis “Milkshake”

Car sirens blare while Kelis walks to Tasty’s Yard The bell dings as the door closes behind her. The cook (Nas) eyes her as she bends down at the counter. A female server slides her milkshake to her. She turns to faces the customers as she licks the ice cream of the cherry and throws the stem. A female customer covers her boyfriend’s eyes. She licks some of the ice cream on the tip of her finger. Nas hits the bell, signaling another order is up.

Nas wipes some chocolate off on his apron. The female servers dance by the counter. Kelis shakes her chest as she stands near the ice cream machine. The female servers place the milkshakes on their tables. A young man comes over to her. She lies on the counter and arches her back after he leaves. A group of young men gather to peer through the blinds at her.

Kelis sits at a booth and slurps her milkshake through the straw. She stands in the kitchen and takes the rag off the second cook’s shoulder. Two men on their bikes arrive at the diner. In the corner, lit under cardinal red neon, she rubs her body. Nas fries some eggs in the kitchen. He smokes a cigar as he watches the customers sit in a circle, clapping for the people dancing. The blender overflows amd starts to spraying people. The milk display rattles and breaks. Nas calls over her to the booth. She laughs at his joke.

Rating: 5/5

Men whistle at Kelis as she walks on the sidewalk. Women glare at her as their boyfriends check her out. She stops inside a store to buy some clothes. The sales woman mumbles the cost at the register, intimidated by Kelis. Kelis grins a soft smile and thanks her for her help. She was once like the sales woman. Until one day a family friend tipped her chin up as she looked down. The family friend told her to be proud of herself and her body. On a shopping trip, the family friend had her try on crop tops and short shorts. She walked out of the dressing room, covering her stomach. Her family friend removed her hands from her body and turned her to face the mirror. She said she was beautiful, inside and out and should show off her curves.

The family friend invited her to parties and had her talk to men. She shook her head no. However, the family friend called the men over and started the conversation. After several times, she relaxed and realized nothing truly awful could happen by talking to someone.

After work, she stops at Tasty’s Yard for a milkshake. A couple of men have been following her. She clutches her keys in her hand. She walks inside and grins at the cook. The cook waves at her. She really likes the cook. He’s known her for years. In her quiet years, he seemed to be waiting for her to open up. The day she showed up in a cropped tank top and hip-hugger jeans, his jaw dropped. He slid into her booth during his break and asked her name. “Really? It’s you.” She sipped on her milkshake and smiled.

They have a routine by now. At 4:00 p.m., she walks in and one of the female servers, who already knows her order, has it made for her. He takes his break and they talk for a half hour. Sometimes, she stays until his shift is over at 5 pm and they hang out. He kisses her on the cheek as he returns to work. She bites her lip and swirls her straw in the milkshake, glancing at him over her shoulder.

Director: Jake Nava Year: 2003

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