Video Review: Martin Garrix & Loopers “Game Over”

In black-and-white, Martin Garrix wraps his wrist inside a locker room. Loopers applies lotion to his arm and adjusts his socks.

They meet at the net in the gym and stare at one another.

Loopers watches while the ball sails over the net. Hand to his ear, Garrix listens as balls drop around him. He raises his left arm as the racket falls from his hand. With one leg curved, he hits the ball clear over the net. Loopers returns with aggressive serves and Garrix dodges. Garrix throws his racket down and curses. Garrix nearly trips over the ball and Loopers waves his finger at him. Loopers leaps to reach the ball. Two men in masks hold up the score, which is tied at 69. Loopers wins.

Inside a private room, Garrix and Loopers finish their game of Pong on a vintage setup.

Rating: 4/5

There wasn’t ever a game played with such heart. Martin Garrix was only shy of one point. Loopers wanted it more. Garrix, though, had been working on his comeback. After several years of missing the playoffs, he finally made it to the finals. Loopers was considered the clear favorite. The press covered Loopers storied career, lapping up the tribulations he faced to get there. Garrix was considered an also-ran. No one expected anything from him.

Then, Garrix made it to the semi-finals. The press started to reach out to him. The sports announcers asked, “why Garrix is important now.” After competing in the sport for most of his youth, Garrix was now overlooked athelete who perserved despite injuries and lack of coverage.

Loopers still won. However, Garrix was able to expose Loopers’ arrogance and hostility towards his opponents. Garrix was the athelete who was able to get under Loopers’ skin.

After the game, Garrix and Loopers shake hands in their private room and press start on their controllers. They laugh as they think of the next storyline for the rematch.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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