Video Review: Adam Ant “Wonderful”

In black-and-white, a taxi speeds down a road in the United Kingdom. A young woman, wearing a veil, looks out her window. Adam Ant sits in the backseat of the taxi, wearing his sunglasses, staring at the streets ahead. The young woman takes a picture with her bridesmaids and flower girl.

Ant sings near a dank wall in an alley. He sticks his head out of the window of the taxi as it turns the corner. He sees a sixtysomething man clean the sidewalk. In color, the man flashes to a shirtless man wearing a white towel in a decrepit forest.

Back in black-and-white, he sees a fortysomething woman look out her apartment window. She turns back to the dinner table, where her husband and son. Flashing to color, the fortysomething woman wears a gold bra with white skirt. Her husband and eat off a mossy table. In black-and-white, he sees a seventysomething man measure a little boy for a suit. Switching to color, the seventysomething man stands next to a box, which contains the little boy.

While near the wall, Ant breaks out into tears.

In the alley, the young woman holds her husband’s hand. Her bridesmaids and flower girl pass her. She lets go of her husband’s car and pauses. Through the window, she sees Ant watching her. Flashing to color, her husband wears a copper faceless mask. The young woman’s face wears a similar copper mask. Cobwebs cover her eyes.

Glasses off, he continues hang his head out the taxi window.

Rating: 3.5/5

Adam Ant reads the crumpled invitation in his hand. It was to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. He directs the taxi driver to the church. All he wants to see is her walk out on the steps with her husband and throw the bouquet. Parked by the curb, he views their family and friends waiting for them. She hugs her sister as she walks out and kisses her father. Her husband nudges her and points to the alley. He instructs the taxi driver to turn.

In the alley, he sees the photographer capture the her sister holding her niece, the flower girl’s hand. He snaps a photo of his ex-girlfriend and husband whispering to one another. However, she stops once she sees the taxi and stares at him. He looks down. They both know it should’ve been him there with her. She was right to leave him, though. He had been self-destructive mess, scratching for a way out of her life.

Without her, h twisted himself into a horrific creature who no one could handle being around. He only saw the world through a vicious lens, in which others couldn’t be trusted. Women lived to serve their gluttonous husbands and older men trapped little boys in their grasp. His nightmare was to continue living. But knowing she was happy, though, would give him some relief. He saw the resignation in her eyes and told the taxi driver to take him home.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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